4 February 2023


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Austria: No DenizBank AG Volley League champions – the final standings.

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As we already knew, in Austria the season is over in advance three weeks ago due to Coronavirus pandemic. No champions, but a final standings that will be used for European Cup and MEVZA League in 2020/21 season. This was decided by the ÖVV board this morning, and It was already clear when the leagues were canceled that there was no relegation due to the exceptional situation.

According to ÖVV general secretary Philipp Seel “A ranking or a final placement is also important for the clubs in order to be able to demonstrate something tangible to sponsors and partners. International starting places are determined on the basis of the two rankings, for which the last completed part is used.”

For women, the final standings results from the final positions in regular season. ASKÖ Linz-Steg is at first place followed by UVC Holding Graz and SG VB NÖ Sokol / Post.
For men, the ranking results from the final positions in the betting rounds. The SK Zadruga Aich/Dob is deservedly on the top, followed by UVC Holding Graz and Union Raiffeisen Waldviertel.
Those clubs of the 2nd federal league who aspire to advance to the top division and meet the organizational or formal criteria are offered the promotion option (with max.10 teams in DenizBank AG VL Women & Men). The final ranking of the 2nd Bundesliga will be decided and published on April 10.

DenizBank AG VL Women
1. ASKÖ Linz/Steg
2. UVC Holding Graz
3. SG VB NÖ Sokol/Post
4. ATSC Kelag Wildcats Klagenfurt
5. VC Tirol
6. TI-esssecaffè-volley
7. PSV Volleyballgemeinschaft Salzburg
8. SG Prinz Brunnenbau Volleys
9. SG Erzbergmadln VBV Trofaiach/WSV Eisenerz
10. TSV Sparkasse Hartberg

DenizBank AG VL Men
1. SK Zadruga Aich/Dob
2. UVC Holding Graz
3. Union Raiffeisen Waldviertel
4. UVC Weberzeile Ried/Innkreis
5. VCA Amstetten NÖ
6. VBK Wörther-See-Löwen Klagenfurt
7. VBC TLC Weiz
8. TJ Sokol Wien V

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