27 January 2023


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Italy: Leal leave Lube despite renewing contract?

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Yoandy Leal might leave Lube. The reason? The significant reduction of the budget for the next season by the club, a decision that involved all italian clubs. The Cuban-Brazilian star, who in these two seasons has been the reference point of Lube’s attack (top scorer this season with 266 points), has recently renewed a heavy contract with the Italian team.

However, in an interview for Olimpíada Todo Dia, the 31-year-old outside hitter said that he wanted to return to Brazil when the coronavirus outbreak began in Italy.

It’s not easy. We remain in isolation. We’ll have to stay here and participate in this difficult situation that happens on a daily basis. I wanted to go home because I believe it would be best in this situation. Being alone and without being able to do anything for more than 40 days is very difficult, mainly due to the uncertainties of the future,” he stated.


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