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France: Tours giving up on Champions League?

Tours, the unofficial winners of the last French volleyball Championship, might withdraw from playing the 2021 CEV Champions League.
According to l’Equipe and other French media, Yves Bouget, the President of Tours, said that without a boost from local authorities, the participation of the club in the next edition of the Champions League would be a financial risk to them.
This means that France might not be represented in the European elite club competition for men in 2020/21 at all given that Tours is the only team from the country that qualified for it.
Bouget also stated that the budget of the 2005 Champions League winners for the upcoming season is cut by 20-30 % because of the economic crisis linked to the COVID-19 pandemic and they need a financial boost from the local authorities….

Photo: Tours Volley Ball on Facebook

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