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Coupe de France: Final Four canceled and French federation President angry with Tours

Coupe de France in Toulouse? What a mess!
Yesterday, both semifinals of the 2019/20 French volleyball Cup have been canceled due to coronavirus related problems.
So the Final Four, which was to take place in Toulouse this weekend, won’t be taking place. This morning, the French federation (FFvolley) announced the cancellation of the tournament, which was to mark both the end of the last season and the resumption of the volleyball in the country after more than half a year.

Recall that yesterday, the hosts of the Final Four, Toulouse, and Paris had withdrawn from the semifinals, which they were to play against Poitiers and Tours respectively. Therefore, the final match between Tours and Poitiers was to be held tomorrow behind closed doors although the capacity of the hall in Toulouse has already been reduced to 1,000 spectators earlier.
But yesterday night, the French champions Tours announced that they don’t want to play, believing that the sanitary conditions didn’t ensure enough safety for them.
The reply?
In a press release, the President of the FFvolley, Eric Tanguy, was angry with Tours, accusing them of the lack of understanding that contributed to damaging the image of volleyball in France…..

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