17 October 2021


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France: in Round 10, tie break victory for Tourcoing and Tours. Wins also for Cannes, Montpellier and Cambrai

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Round 10 of French Ligue A was completed yesterday with five games and no postponement. In the big match, the leaders Tourcoing defeated Chaumont 3-2 (without the Italian head coach Prandi, replaced by Kupiec), finally back on the field after almost a month (the last appearance on the field before the many cases of coronavirus that blocked the team and forced them to retire from the CEV Cup dates back to 29 October). The hosts, well guided by MVP Sanchez, dominated the first 2 sets, but with the entries of Jeanlys and Mergarejo in place of Herrera (with 6 errors in attack) and Petrov, Chaumont managed to bring the match to the tie-break, partial in which however Tourcoing returned to dominate in attack (64% to 36%). The match between Narbonne (with Gabin and the excellent Zerba instead of the injured Uriarte and Gueye) and Tours also ended at the tie-break: the success went to the French champion coached by Henno who, after a first set to forget, they fished heavily from the bench with the inputs of Chauvin, Pablo Ventura and Toledo instead of Coric, Wounembaina and Udrys. The leaders Tourcoing were tied for points by Cannes which, with 21 points (including 9 winning blocks) by Averill, defeated Nice (without Clére) in the derby in four sets 3-1 (Look at photogallery of the match). Montpellier is also approaching the top of the charts (now only one point away), having won in straight sets (but with all the partials finished with the minimum gap) on the Nantes field. Cambrai’s 3-1 win over a disappointing Poitiers closes the picture.

Cannes win Derby against Nice |

📌| Ligue A 2020/21 Regular Season | Round 10

🗓| November 27
Paris – Ajaccio
Sete – Toulouse

🗓| November 28

Tourcoing – Chaumont 3-2


Narbonne – Tours 2-3


Cannes – Nice 3-1


Nantes – Montpellier 0-3


Cambrai – Poitiers 3-1


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Ajaccio – Nantes
Sete – Cannes


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