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Cev Cup: Quarterfinals lineup completed. Zenit St. Petersburg first team to secure place in semifinals

Zenit Saint Petersburg is the first team to secure a place in the semifinals of the 2021 Volleyball CEV Cup.
Russiaโ€™s side victoriously closed the tournament of the competition held in Pazardzhik (Bulgaria) and, with wins in the eight-finals (3-1 vs hosts Hebar Pazardzhik, yesterday) and in the quarterfinals against Czechโ€™s VK Dukla Liberec (3-0, today), advanced to the semifinals. Despite achieving a clear victory, the team coached by Finnish Tuomas Sammelvuo faced certain problems in the first and third set. Partially, it was 26:24, 25:14, and 25:22. Viktor Poletaev was the top scorer for the winners with 15 points, including 4 blocks, while Egor Kliuka had 70 % reception (57 % excellent).

Russiaโ€™s Dinamo Moscow and Romaniaโ€™s C.S.M. Arcada Galaศ›i downed Serbiaโ€™s OK Vojvodina Seme Novi Sad and Dutch Amysoft Lycurgus Groningen respectively in the tournament in Moscow to complete the quarterfinal lineup. Actually, they will face each other for a progression to the top four.

๐Ÿ“Œ| CEV Cup 2020/21 | 1/8 Finals

๐Ÿ—“| December 15

IBB Polonia London – OK Nis NIS 1-3
Mladi Radnik Pozarevac – Montpellier Castelnau UC 0-3
Zenit St. Petersburg – Hebar Pazardzhik 3-1
VK Dukla Liberec – Stroitel Minsk 3-0
VC Greenyard Maaseik – Spor Toto Ankara 3-0
CV Guaguas Las Palmas – Galatasaray Istanbul 3-1

๐Ÿ—“| December 16

Arcada Galati – Amysoft Lycurgus Groningen 3-2


OK Vojvodina Seme Novi Sad – Dinamo Moscow 0-3


๐Ÿ“Œ| CEV Cup 2020/21 | 1/4 Finals

๐Ÿ—“| December 16

Zenit Saint Petersburg – Dukla Liberec 3-0


๐Ÿ—“| December 17
โ€ข C.S.M. Arcada Galati – Dinamo Moscow 0-3
โ€ข OK Nis – Montpellier Castelnau Volley UC 0-3
โ€ข VC Greenyard Maaseik – CV Guaguas Las Palmas 3-2

Source and images: CEV

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