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Cev Cup: Quarterfinals lineup completed. Zenit St. Petersburg first team to secure place in semifinals

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Zenit Saint Petersburg is the first team to secure a place in the semifinals of the 2021 Volleyball CEV Cup.
Russia’s side victoriously closed the tournament of the competition held in Pazardzhik (Bulgaria) and, with wins in the eight-finals (3-1 vs hosts Hebar Pazardzhik, yesterday) and in the quarterfinals against Czech’s VK Dukla Liberec (3-0, today), advanced to the semifinals. Despite achieving a clear victory, the team coached by Finnish Tuomas Sammelvuo faced certain problems in the first and third set. Partially, it was 26:24, 25:14, and 25:22. Viktor Poletaev was the top scorer for the winners with 15 points, including 4 blocks, while Egor Kliuka had 70 % reception (57 % excellent).

Russia’s Dinamo Moscow and Romania’s C.S.M. Arcada Galați downed Serbia’s OK Vojvodina Seme Novi Sad and Dutch Amysoft Lycurgus Groningen respectively in the tournament in Moscow to complete the quarterfinal lineup. Actually, they will face each other for a progression to the top four.

📌| CEV Cup 2020/21 | 1/8 Finals

🗓| December 15

IBB Polonia London – OK Nis NIS 1-3
Mladi Radnik Pozarevac – Montpellier Castelnau UC 0-3
Zenit St. Petersburg – Hebar Pazardzhik 3-1
VK Dukla Liberec – Stroitel Minsk 3-0
VC Greenyard Maaseik – Spor Toto Ankara 3-0
CV Guaguas Las Palmas – Galatasaray Istanbul 3-1

🗓| December 16

Arcada Galati – Amysoft Lycurgus Groningen 3-2


OK Vojvodina Seme Novi Sad – Dinamo Moscow 0-3


📌| CEV Cup 2020/21 | 1/4 Finals

🗓| December 16

Zenit Saint Petersburg – Dukla Liberec 3-0


🗓| December 17
C.S.M. Arcada Galati – Dinamo Moscow 0-3
OK Nis – Montpellier Castelnau Volley UC 0-3
VC Greenyard Maaseik – CV Guaguas Las Palmas 3-2

Source and images: CEV

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