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Italy: an amazing Milano wins the battle vs. Modena, three points for Lube against Monza in recovery matches of Round 15

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Two recovery matches of Round 15 (or, if you prefer, Round 4 of second-leg) were played today: in first, three points win for Lube Civitanova who wins 3-1 on their home court against Vero Volley Monza, on the other, an amazing Allianz Powervolley Milano wins against Leo Shoes Modena in a match lasted 2 hours and 20 minutes!

In details, Cucine Lube Civitanova wins in four sets (25:20, 25:19, 22:25, 25:23) over Vero Volley Monza (still without the American middle-blocker Holt), taking three precious points to consolidate the second place in the standings, remaining just 3 points behind the leaders Sir Safety Perugia Perugia. Robertlandy Simon closes the match, signing three blocks in a row (of his 5 in total), writing in series the 23:22, the 24:23 and the final 25:23 of the fourth set. Osmany Juantorena, author of 14 points with an amazing 76% in attack on 17 balls played and 1 ace is the MVP of the match.

In the other match, Allianz Milano back to the victory, taking two very important points by winning at home against Modena. 3-2 is the final result, in a battle fought up to the last point, as reported by the scores (20:25, 30:28, 25:18, 21:25, 20:18). For the hosts finally the victory arrives after a fast that lasted from last November 29 (the last victory was against Cisterna), interrupting the negative streak of six defeats in a row, while Modena runs into the second consecutive stop after the bitter tie break with Civitanova. It was a real show that played tonight, with a great block performance for the winners: 16 in total (against the only 5 for Modena), 6 for Piano and 5 for Kozamernik who, with 16 final points and 67% in attack, was named MVP of the match. Excellent performance also for Basic, author of 14 points (48% in attack), and Ishikawa (13 points, an ace and 57% in attack) who contributed to the final success, despite not being present in the starting six. Among the hosts good performance for Lavia (25 points, 2 blocks and 65% in attack) and Vettori (23 points, 1 block and 54% in attack) who help to snatch a point to Milano, but not enough to win the match.


πŸ“Œ| Regular Season SuperLega Credem Banca | Round 15 on January 21

β€’ Cucine Lube Civitanova – Vero Volley Monza 3-1 (25:20, 25:19, 22:25, 25:23)
Cucine Lube Civitanova: De Cecco 1, Juantorena 14, Anzani 7, Rychlicki 17, Leal 11, Simon 12, Marchisio (L), Balaso (L), Yant Herrera 0, Hadrava 0, Falaschi 0, Kovar 4. N.E. Diamantini, Larizza. Coach. De Giorgi.
Vero Volley Monza: Orduna 2, Dzavoronok 10, Beretta 7, Lagumdzija 18, Lanza 9, Galassi 6, Brunetti (L), Davyskiba 3, Federici (L), Ramirez Pita 0. N.E. Rossi, Giani, Falgari. Coach. Eccheli.

β€’ Allianz Milano – Leo Shoes Modena 3-2 (20:25, 30:28, 25:18, 21:25, 20:18)
Allianz Milano: Sbertoli 4, Urnaut 4, Kozamernik 16, Patry 13, Maar 4, Piano 15, Meschiari (L), Pesaresi (L), Daldello 0, Mosca 0, Weber 0, Basic 15, Ishikawa 13. N.E. Staforini. Coach. Piazza.
Leo Shoes Modena: Christenson 1, Lavia 25, Mazzone 11, Vettori 23, Petric 14, Stankovic 7, Iannelli (L), Rinaldi 0, Karlitzek 3, Grebennikov (L), Porro 0. N.E. Bossi, Sala, Sanguinetti. Coach. Giani.

The others of Round 15

πŸ—“| December 20
β€’ Top Volley Cisterna-Consar Ravenna 1-3 (22:25, 24:26, 25:23, 19:25)
β€’ Tonno Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia-Kioene Padova 3-0 (26:24, 25:22, 27:25)
β€’ Sir Safety Conad Perugia-NBV Verona 3-1 (25:20, 25:22, 26:28, 25:20) | December 19
β€’ Itas Trentino-Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza 3-0 (25:16, 25:21, 25:17)

πŸ“„| Standings
Sir Safety Conad Perugia 49, Cucine Lube Civitanova 46, Itas Trentino 41, Tonno Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia 34, Vero Volley Monza 30*, Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza 29, Leo Shoes Modena 28, Allianz Milano 23*, NBV Verona 22*, Consar Ravenna 16*, Kioene Padova 13, Top Volley Cisterna 5.
* -1 match

πŸ“Œ| NEXT ROUND | Regular Season SuperLega Credem Banca | Round 20

πŸ—“| January 24
β€’ Top Volley Cisterna-Cucine Lube Civitanova
β€’ Leo Shoes Modena-Sir Safety Conad Perugia
β€’ Tonno Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia-Itas Trentino
β€’ Allianz Milano-Kioene Padova
β€’ Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza-NBV Verona
β€’ Consar Ravenna-Vero Volley Monza

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