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Italy: Perugia take revenge on Lube for losing Cup final and win regular season. Milano defeats Trento, wins also for Piacenza, Ravenna and Modena

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Round 21 of Superlega Credem Banca was completed today.
An evening to forget for Vero Volley Monza which falls at home against Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza in straight sets. The opportunity to climb to fourth place in the charts is thus wasted by the hosts, who have definitely played
below expectations. Three points deserved thus for Piacenza, which temporarily rises to fifth place in the standings thanks also to an effective service (while Monza makes 22 final error only from the service line). Second set apart, when the hosts have always commanded even wasting three set balls, it was always the guests who dictated the rules of the game, led by Grozer, Russell (MVP of the match with 18 points and 3 blocks) and Clevenot. The winners will now face Milano on Sunday, while Monza, on the other hand, has yet to play two games: after Saturday’s match against Perugia, there will be the home match against Verona which is giving away another three very heavy points.

Allianz Milano, on the other hand, can finally celebrate for having defeated Itas Trentino in a match ended in straight sets. Three very precious points for the winners while for Trento, on the other hand, who defeated the same rival in the first leg and in the quarter-finals of the Italian cup, just a week ago, this is the first defeats of the second leg, which interrupts the streak of consecutive victories in the competition at 12 (the last stop dates back to 25 November against Vibo Valentia). At the same time, Milano prevented today’s rivals to hope for the second position in the charts as they remained on -6 in relation to Lube with one more match to play. The mvp of the match is Milano’s opposite Jean Patry, who scored 16 points, 46% in attack, 3 blocks and 2 aces. Good performances also for the two middle-blockers, Piano and Kozamernik, also scored 9 and 7 points respectively. For Trento the only player with a double digit performance is Nimir, who closes the match with 19 points (44% in attack, 1 block and 4 aces).

In big match of the Round, at the end of a match full of ups and downs, Sir Safety Conad Perugia take the first place in the regular season a round in advance.
Only 72 hours after the Italian Cup final, Lube Civitanova and Perugia contested for the win in the 2020/21 regular season. Unlike the clash in Bologna, the things were quite the opposite tonight, as Perugia claimed victory and have 4 points more than Lube ahead of the last round, which guarantees them to participate in the playoffs as the top seed: 3-2 (21:25, 25:23, 23:25, 25:20, 16:14).
With 29 points (including 4 aces), Cuban-Polish Wilfredo León was the man of the match who helped Perugia take revenge on the big rivals, while Argentine Sebastián Solé set up 4 blocks. Osmany Juantorena scored 22 points, while Simone Anzani had 4 blocks for Lube, whose 10-game winning streak (7 in the league) came to an end.
Lube Civitanova therefore remains at -4, with only one game to play. For the winners, this partial milestone is worth the sure participation in the 2021/22 Champions League.

Close the picture Leo Shoes Modena ‘s 1-3 victory on the field of NBV Verona (despite 30 points put down by Kaziyski for the hosts!), while Consar Ravenna defeats Kioene Padova at home with the same result, to take (at least) 10th place in the charts.

| Regular Season SuperLega Credem Banca | Round 21

| February 2
Top Volley Cisterna-Tonno Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia 3-2 (15:25, 27:25, 21:25, 25:21, 15:12)

| February 3

• NBV Verona-Leo Shoes Modena 1-3 (21:25, 25:15, 23:25, 21:25)
NBV Verona: Spirito 1, Kaziyski 30, Aguenier 7, Jensen 11, Jaeschke 14, Caneschi 5, Donati (L), Bonami (L), Asparuhov 0, Magalini 0. N.E. Zanotti, Peslac. Coach. Stoytchev.
Leo Shoes Modena: Christenson 4, Karlitzek 10, Mazzone 10, Vettori 15, Petric 13, Stankovic 14, Iannelli (L), Sanguinetti (L), Porro 0, Grebennikov (L), Lavia 1. N.E. Bossi, Buchegger. Coach. Giani.

• Cucine Lube Civitanova-Sir Safety Conad Perugia 2-3 (25:21, 23:25, 25:23, 20:25, 14:16)
Cucine Lube Civitanova: De Cecco 1, Juantorena 22, Anzani 10, Rychlicki 14, Leal 20, Simon 10, Larizza (L), Balaso (L), Marchisio 0, Kovar 1, Falaschi 0, Hadrava 0, Yant Herrera 1. N.E. Diamantini. Coach. De giorgi.
Sir Safety Conad Perugia: Travica 3, Plotnytskyi 15, Russo 1, Ter Horst 12, Leon Venero 29, Solé 12, Biglino (L), Colaci (L), Ricci 7, Piccinelli 0, Zimmermann 0, Vernon-Evans 0, Atanasijevic 4. N.E. Sossenheimer. Coach. Heynen.

• Allianz Milano-Itas Trentino 3-0 (25:22, 25:23, 25:22)
Allianz Milano: Sbertoli 1, Ishikawa 10, Kozamernik 7, Patry 16, Urnaut 8, Piano 9, Staforini (L), Pesaresi (L), Basic 1, Mosca 0. N.E. Weber, Daldello, Meschiari, Maar. Coach. Piazza.
Itas Trentino: Giannelli 2, Santos De Souza 4, Lisinac 8, Abdel-Aziz 19, Kooy 5, Podrascanin 9, De Angelis (L), Rossini (L), Michieletto 2. N.E. Sosa Sierra, Sperotto, Cortesia, Argenta. Coach. Lorenzetti.

• Consar Ravenna – Kioene Padova 3-1 (27:25, 25:17, 19:25, 25:22)
Consar Ravenna: Redwitz 2, Recine 13, Grozdanov 11, Pinali 9, Loeppky 17, Mengozzi 10, Giuliani (L), Stefani 1, Koppers 0, Kovacic (L), Zonca 1. N.E. Arasomwan, Batak. Coach. Bonitta.
Kioene Padova: Ferrato 4, Wlodarczyk 6, Vitelli 5, Stern 11, Bottolo 15, Volpato 2, Gottardo (L), Milan 10, Danani La Fuente (L), Merlo 0, Canella 6, Casaro 0, Tusch 0. N.E. Fusaro. Coach. Cuttini.

• Vero Volley Monza-Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza 0-3 (20:25, 30:32, 22:25)
Vero Volley Monza: Orduna 0, Dzavoronok 14, Beretta 6, Lagumdzija 16, Lanza 9, Galassi 6, Brunetti (L), Davyskiba 2, Federici (L), Calligaro 0, Holt 0. N.E. Rossi, Ramirez Pita, Falgari. Coach. Eccheli.
Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza: Baranowicz 0, Clevenot 10, Polo 7, Grozer 11, Russell 18, Mousavi 7, Fanuli (L), Tondo 0, Scanferla (L), Antonov 0, Botto 0, Finger 0. N.E. Izzo, Candellaro. Coach. Bernardi.

| Standings
Sir Safety Conad Perugia 54
Cucine Lube Civitanova 50
Itas Trentino 44
Tonno Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia 35
Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza 35
Vero Volley Monza 33
Leo Shoes Modena 31
Allianz Milano 29
NBV Verona 22
Consar Ravenna 19
Kioene Padova 13
Top Volley Cisterna 7.

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