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One more volleyball player as flag bearer in Tokyo: Ben Cheikh for Tunisia!

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Volleyball will be presented at the opening ceremony in Tokyo with another player as the flag bearer.
After Brazilian Bruninho, Russian Mikhailov, Dominican Rivera and Korean Kim, another volleyball player is being added to the list of flag bearers at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics: 42-year-old setter Mehdi Ben Cheikh who will lead the Tunisian delegation at his second Olympic appearance.
The Tunisian National Olympic Committee announced that volleyball team captain Mehdi Ben Cheikh and fencer Ines Boubakri will be the two holders of the Tunisian flag at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


Recall that olympic volleyball tournament will begin in less than a week: the men’s tournament starts on July 24 and the women’s competitions on July 25.

Competition Format:

• Round Robin Phase
2 Pools of 6 Teams each 30 Matches per gender. Each team will play against the other 5 teams in the same pool once (Single Round Robin System)

Final Phase

8 Teams / 4 Matches per gender. Winners of the Quarterfinals will advance to the Semifinals

4 Teams / 2 Matches per gender. Winners will play the Gold medal match, losers will play the Bronze medal match

4 Teams / 2 Matches per gender. Bronze medal match and Gold medal match

Five years ago at the Olympic Games in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Italy and the United States became medal winners for men, and China, Serbia and the United States for women.

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