3 December 2021


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France: Sète, Montpellier and Tourcoing win advances of Round 2

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Three matches valid for Round 2 of French Ligue A were played today. Sète defeats Cannes in four sets, Montpellier destroys Nice on the road, while Tourcoing defeats Toulouse at tie break.

In details, in the first match of the day, the defending champions Cannes succumbed on the field of Sète by 3-1 (25:19, 25:19, 24:26, 25:17)
With a few exceptions, the match was practically one-sided, with the hosts taking control of the match already in the first set, taking a 9-4 lead. A block by Koncilja signs the 9:6, but Sète manages to escape until 19:11. An attack out of the hosts that gives Cannes 19:16 forces a time out, then Gelinski tries, signing the point of 21:18, but there are the hosts who conquer the first set with a clear 25:19.
Very balanced start in the second set, with Sète trying to take control with a 7:5 lead.
German outside-hitter Sossenheimer leveled the score at 11:11, but his compatriot Fromm attacked out, which was the home side’s 15:13. Despite Horacio diLeo being forced to ask for a time out, the hosts win the set with the same result, 25:19.
Sète starts very strong in the third set, and Cannes is forced to stop the game at 7:1. With Fromm on the service line, the advantage decreases, and on 13:10 Sète asks for a time out.
The reaction arrives, with the hosts signing on 16:12, but Cannes does not give up, and puts down the ball of 18:17. Fromm misses the defense, and Sète take again a double advantage, 19:17.
Gauna signs the attack of 20:18, but Gelinski responds with 20:19 and Manuohalalo puts down the ball of 20:20.
An ace by Koncilja puts Cannes ahead, and Sossenheimer signs the 20:22. But that’s not all: Koncilja misses the serve, Fromm’s attack is defended and Karlitzek signs the 22:22. Fromm is blocked 24:23, but Sossenheimer still draws the score: 24:24. Klyamar and an error by Scater give the set to the guests: 24:26.
In the fourth set there is only the home team on the fieldp: Geiler and Karlitzek score 3-1 and 4-1, with one attack and one ace, respectively. Karlitzek himself also signs the 6:3 attack and a super spike by Kreek brings Sète to 9:6. Fromm misses from the service line, and a block worth the 18:9.
With a great defense by Annicette and an attack by Sossenheimer, Cannes tries a desperate comeback, 19:13, while a block out by Klyamar signs the 21:16. Georgiev misses the following serve, but Karlitzek does not miss, who scores the ace of 23:16. Time out for Cannes, but on their return to the field, the French champions suffer another ace. Nothing to do, and the error by Fromm from the service line gives the set (25:17) and the game to Sète, which can deservedly celebrate for the three points victory.
Karlitzek was the top scorer of the match with 22 points, and with this results Sète is temporarily on the top of the charts with 4 points.

About the other matches, 3 sets were enough to Montpellier to win on the field of Nice and to take their first victory in the league.
Bad evening for Bruno Lima (3% efficiency in attack) among the hosts, while on the winning side the best was Faure (top scorer with 14 points and 57% in attack).
On the other hand, Tourcoing’s victory at Toulouse was more painful than expected. With 2-1 disadvantage, the guests recovered thanks to the entry of Cuban Cardenas: 15 points (of which 8 in the tie-break), 75% in attack with 0 errors and 0 blocked, 1 block and 2 ace. Setter Matias Sanchez, real MVP of the match, symbolically gave him his award.


🏐| LIGUE A 2021/22 | Journée 2Round 2

👉🏼 Friday | October 15, 2021

• Sète – Cannes 3-1 (25:19, 25:19, 24:26, 25:17)


• Nice – Montpellier 0-3 (19:25, 17:25, 15:25)


• Toulouse – Tourcoing 2-3 (22:25, 25:21, 25:19, 16:25, 14:16)


Saturday | October 16, 2021
Paris – Nantes Rezé 3-2 (23:25, 22:25, 25:22, 25:16, 17:15)
Cambrai – Poitiers 3-0 (25:17, 25:23, 25:23)
Chaumont – Plessis-Robinson 3-0 (25:19, 25:17, 25:21)
Narbonne – Tours 0-3 (24:26, 25:27, 33:35)

🏐| STANDINGS (updated on this day)
Séte 4
Cambrai 3
Narbonne 3
Tours 3
Chaumont 3
Montpellier 3
Nantes 2
Tourcoing 2
Cannes 2
Nice 2
Paris 1
Plessis-Robinson 1
Toulouse 1
Poitiers 0


🏐| NEXT ROUND | Journée 3 – Round 3

Friday | October 22, 2021
Poitiers – Nantes Rezé
Sète – Toulouse
Tourcoing – Montpellier
Tours – Nice
Cannes – Narbonne

Saturday | October 23, 2021
Plessis-Robinson – Cambrai
Chaumont – Paris


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