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France: new scandal in sight three days before playoffs start?

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The appeal committee of the French Volleyball Federation spoke in favor of AS Cannes, which had resorted the sanctions imposed by the LNV for late recruitment of opposite hitter Ronald Jimenez and setter Aleksa Batak.
And thus the schedule of the play-offs, which begin on Friday, is upset.
Cannes, defending French champions, will compete in the play-downs this season.
And for a good reason, as they finished the regular season in last place in the standings after a nightmarish championship, marked in particular by the loss of all points earned in the second leg.
The LNV commission had indeed punished AS Cannes for the late hiring of their two players.
The club had resorted and, as the LNV refused the question, the case fell into the hands of the federal appeal commission.
However, CFA took its time to examine the case, and has only just rendered its decision, three days before the start of the play-offs.

In short, if Cannes has lost all matches played in second leg, the match won against Nice (3-2), for example, is no longer among the sanctions.
The same Nice who, therefore, lost the benefit of the first decision, which gave it a winning match, and was overtaken by Tourcoing in the regular season charts, going from 7th to 8th place.

And, if the two clubs, Nice and Tourcoing, are still qualified for the play-offs, but their opponent is no longer the same. Thus, instead of playing against Tours, as initially planned, Tourcoing should play against Chaumont, and Nice against Tours.

If Cannes’ president Jérôme Rousselin welcomed this decision in a good way, other four clubs are concerned by the play-offs and not only. Nantes, for example, wasn’t able to qualify for the play-offs, and will play the play-downs, but they would consider an appeal.
In the meantime, the commission must still meet urgently during the day to value and made official this change.

This is the final (modified) standings:

1. Tours 63
2. Chaumont 54
3. Montpellier 51
4. Narbonne 50
5. Sète 48
6. Paris 40
7. Tourcoing 39
8. Nice 38
9. Plessis Robinson 33
10. Nantes Reze 33
11. Poitiers 28
12. Toulouse 28
13. Cambrai 24
14. Cannes 8

…..and new playoffs pairs:
• Tours – Nice
• Chaumont – Tourcoing
• Montpellier – Paris
• Narbonne – Sète

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