27 September 2022


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France: Montpellier stun Tours in Final Game 1! Regular season winners defeated at tie break!

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Final series of 2021/22 French Ligue A start with an upset: led by opposite Faure, named MVP of the match with 23 points and 59% in attack) Montpellier, who recovered also starting setter Javier Gonzalez injured in semifinal Game 2, win at tie break on the field of super favorite Tours (without middle-blocker Teryomenko).
Coach Lecat’s side win first set 23-25, closed thanks to 2 aces in a row from Palacios, who was also the top scorer of the set with 7 points and an impressive 71% in attack, while Faure also contributed with 6 and 86% in attack!
Then Montpellier literally dominated the second set, very good above all in attack (68% of team performance against 38%), closed with a clear 16-25.
The hosts reacted in third set, closed by Coric (confirmed with the jersey of Tours also next season) 25-23.
At this point Montpellier feels the blow, and numbers in attack of second set are reversed: 63% vs. 38%. Tours dominated until the 25-17 with 6 points from Derouillon and 4 each from Tillie and Palonsky.
Montpellier reacted and, at the very start of decisive fifth set, found a break with a block from Lazo, 0-2, and Demyanenko put down the ace of 5-8. Tours missed two serves, and a block from the same Demyanenko is worth the 8-12. Coach Fronckowiak put down on the field Abouba in place of Derouillon, and he scored first a winning block for the 10-12, and then also the counterattack of 11-12. Faure, however, put down the ball of 11-13) and the same Abouba give the error that is worth the 11-14. Error by Faure from the service line, 12-14, and Abouba, 12-15, close set and match.


🏐| LIGUE A 2021/22Final – Best-of-three

Game 1 | May 7
• Tours (1) – Montpellier (3) 2-3 (23:25, 16:25, 25:23, 25:17, 12:15) Serie: 0-1

Game 2 | May 11
Montpellier (3) – Tours (1) 3-0 (25:17, 25:21, 30:28) Serie: 2-0

Game 3 | May 15
• Tours (1) – Montpellier (3)


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