5 December 2022


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What a blow for Japan! Ishikawa will not play VNL Final Eight

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After a collection fot very good performance in Preliminary Round, the Japan National Team’s chances of eliminating France (and eventually reaching the medal in the 2022 FIVB Volleyball Nations League) have just dropped.

Honestly, even with captain Yuki Ishikawa on the court, their chances of overpowering France in the quarter-finals of the competition tomorrow weren’t so good.
And now, without him, they are reduced to a minimum, as the fifth-top scorer of the preliminary stage sprained his left ankle during training and will not play the final tournament at all.
As the list of 14 players had already been delivered by Philippe Blain, there’s no possibility of an eventual substitution.

Japanese superstar made 164 points thus far in VNL, 29 of which from the service line (second place in the ranking of servers, just behind another top scorer, the Dutch Nimir Abdel-Aziz).

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