2 December 2023


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France: Calendars of 2022/23 season released!

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Official calendars of the three professional French championship, LAM, LAF and LBM, are revealed today and, from the start of the competition, big duels are coming. The two men’s will start in exactly a month!
While the National Team of France is looking for gold in Slovenia at the 2022 FIVB World Championship, the French professional clubs are preparing the new season.

In Ligue A, the program of Round 1 includes an interesting Montpellier – Saint-Nazaire, a duel between the defending champions and newcomers, while Tours will face Nice in a remake of last Playoffs Quarterfinal, before welcoming Chaumont for a big match on their home court in Round 2, and then to continue with another big match, against the same Montpellier, in a remake of the last championship final! Always in Round 1 we have Poitiers-Narbonne, Sète – Tourcoing, Cambrai – Toulouse, Chaumont – Plessis Robinson and Nantes – Paris.

In Ligue B, AS Cannes, relegated after a very difficult season last year, will go to Fréjus while Saint-Quentin, who last season will face Saint Nazaire in final, will move to Avignon.


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