10 December 2023


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All matches for European Cups in Turkey scheduled this week postponed due to terrible earthquake

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All national and international volleyball activities have been postponed until further notice due to the devastating earthquake that affected Turkey and Syria yesterday.

As a result, all four matches scheduled to take place in Turkey this week within various European Cup competitions, both for men and women, won’t take place due to the consequences of the disaster.
Two enormous tremors are estimated to have killed over 2,600 people and injured thousands more in both countries.
The magnitude 7.8 earthquake that occurred overnight near the city of Gaziantep, in Southeastern Anatolia Region and partially in the Mediterranean Region, and that was felt more than 1,000 kilometers away in Cairo, Egypt, left a massive trail of destruction.
Many people were still trapped under the rubble hours later when a second 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck. According to current estimates, 1,651 people had died in Turkey, and more than 11,000 had been injured. In Syria, at least 968 people died, but these numbers keep rising.

The postponement of volleyball games applies only to European matches in Turkey, and It doesn’t include Turkish clubs playing abroad.

But there is another bad news in the world of volleyball: an entire volleyball team was in a building that collapsed from earthquake. According to the local media, 14 female players from Hatay, which are competing in the lower division of the Turkish championship, lived in that building.
Club members and Men’s team players make appeals for information about the athletes but, according to a manager, there is no information about the players so far.

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