25 September 2023


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Volleyball transfers in France 2021/22


Last Update: September 1, 2021 📆 18.16 🕐

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🏐Henri Treial (🇪🇪)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique to 🇧🇪VC Greenyard Maaseik
🏐Hamady Diakho (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷VC Hyères-Pierrefeu to 🇫🇷Volley Pradetan-Gardéen
🏐Christophe Ferré (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷VC Hyères-Pierrefeu to 🇫🇷Volley Pradetan-Gardéen


🏐Facundo Funes (🇦🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇮🇱V.C Ilaboon to 🇫🇷Volley Club Mâconnais
🏐Léo Meyer (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole to 🇨🇭Chênois Genève VB
🏐Ramon Martinez-Gion (🇳🇱)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball to 🇬🇧IBB Polonia London
🏐Martin Repak (🇸🇰)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52 to 🇫🇷ASB Rezé Volley Ball
🏐Mathis Patte (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Paris Volley to 🇫🇷Marseille Volley 13
🏐Ibrahim Touré (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Paris Volley to 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball
🏐Alexander Szot Marczewski (🇧🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Fréjus Var Volley to 🇷🇴Universitatea Craiova
🏐Luis Paolinetti (🇧🇷)–Opposite–from 🇧🇷JF Vôlei to 🇫🇷Nice Volley-Ball
🏐Sergio Noda (🇪🇸)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole to 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers
🏐Tom Liot (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷AS Cannes to 🇨🇭Chênois Genève VB
🏐Jorge Fernández (🇪🇸)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52 to 🇪🇸Unicaja Costa de Almería
🏐Timëo Levasseur (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Beauvais Oise UC to 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball
🏐Robin Le Goff (🇫🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷Grenoble Volley Université Club to 🇫🇷Tours Volley-Ball
🏐Eliot De Narda (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 2 to 🇫🇷Tours Volley-Ball
🏐Daniel McDonnell (🇺🇸)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52 to 🇹🇷Arkas Spor
🏐Jovo Bijelović (🇧🇦)–Outside Hitter–from 🇭🇷Mladost Ribola Kaštela to 🇫🇷ASUL Lyon Volley
🏐Manuel Balagué (🇦🇷)–from Opposite–from 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley to 🇨🇾Nea Salamina Famagusta
🏐Dejan Jocić (🇧🇦)–Middle-blocker–from 🇧🇦MOK Jedinstvo Brčko to 🇫🇷ASUL Lyon Volley
🏐Lucas Groc (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole to 🇭🇷MOK Mursa
🏐Chris Zuidberg (🇱🇺)–Outside Hitter–from 🇧🇪VBC Waremme to 🇫🇷Plessis Robinson Volley-Ball
🏐Sem Dolegombai (🇨🇲)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Avignon Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Volley-Ball Arlésien
🏐Jean-Philippe Talbot (🇨🇦)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Cesson Volley Saint-Brieuc Côtes d’Armor to 🇸🇪Örkelljunga Volley
🏐Tiago Gatiboni Wesz (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Paris Volley to 🇧🇷Farmaconde Vôlei São José
🏐Wilian Gabriel Doardo (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique to 🇧🇷Farmaconde Vôlei São José
🏐Mateusz Pazgan (🇵🇱)–Outside Hitter–from 🇵🇱TKS Tychy to 🇫🇷CA Brive
🏐Baptiste Enfoux (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Fréjus Var Volley to 🇫🇷AL Caudry Volley-Ball
🏐Giacomo Raffaelli (🇮🇹)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers to 🇮🇹Top Volley Cisterna
🏐Leo Andrić (🇭🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Nice Volley-Ball to 🇷🇺ASK Nizhny Novgorod
🏐Mihai Voleanschii (🇲🇩)–Opposite–from 🇮🇱Hapoel Menashe Emek Hefer to 🇫🇷Cesson Volley Saint-Brieuc Côtes d’Armor
🏐Ignas Mazūras (🇱🇹)–Setter–from 🇱🇹Kauno RIO-Startas to 🇫🇷Martigues Volley-Ball
🏐Svetoslav Gotsev (🇧🇬)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Paris Volley to 🇧🇬Levski Sofia
🏐Youssef Hamdy Awad (🇪🇬)–Outside Hitter–from 🇪🇬Petrojet SC to 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers
🏐Symon Bardoul (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Narbonne Volley to 🇫🇷Amiens Métropole Volley-Ball
🏐José Vinha (🇵🇹)–Outside Hitter–from 🇵🇹Sporting Clube de Portugal to 🇫🇷Beauvais Oise UC
🏐Hugo Caporiondo (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇨🇭Chênois Genève VB to 🇫🇷ASUL Lyon Volley
🏐Marko Milovanović (🇧🇦)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Martigues Volley-Ball to 🇭🇺Fino Kaposvar
🏐Antoine Fleury (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Mende Volley Lozère to 🇫🇷Avignon Volley-Ball
🏐Tatsuya Fukuzawa (🇯🇵)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Paris Volley to 🇯🇵Panasonic Panthers
🏐Jesús Bruque Guerrero (🇪🇸)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Mende Volley Lozère to 🇨🇾Nea Salamina Famagusta
🏐Joel Regehr (🇨🇦)–Middle-blocker–from 🇩🇰Nordenskov UIF to 🇫🇷Beauvais Oise UC
🏐Hugues Frotté (🇫🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷AS Bouguenais-Rezé to 🇫🇷Beauvais Oise UC
🏐Hugo Possamai (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Grenoble Volley Université Club to 🇫🇷Beauvais Oise UC
🏐Toky Rajoharivelo (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷ASUL Lyon Volley to 🇫🇷Beauvais Oise UC
🏐Georgi Petrov (🇧🇬)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52 to 🇮🇹Kioene Padova
🏐Gonzalo Quiroga (🇦🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley to 🇵🇱GKS Katowice
🏐Carlos Manuel De Carvalho Furtado (🇨🇻)–Middle-blocker–from 🇪🇸Club Voleibol Guaguas to 🇫🇷AL Caudry Volley-Ball
🏐Fabien Lengrand (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Pôle Espoir Wattignies to 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley
🏐Quentin Grosnon (🇫🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷Montpellier UC to 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley
🏐Rémy Lalisse (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Arago de Sète to 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley
🏐Leon Meier (🇩🇪)–Outside Hitter–from 🇩🇪Volleyball Bisons Bühl to 🇫🇷Tours VB
🏐Kristof Horvath (🇭🇺)–Outside Hitter–from 🇭🇺Fino Kaposvar to 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique
🏐Cristian Poglajen (🇦🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇹🇷Afyon Belediye Yüntaş to 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers
🏐Jake Hanes (🇺🇸)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Arago de Sète to 🇵🇱BBTS Bielsko-Biała
🏐Nikola Kovačević (🇷🇸)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique to 🇫🇷Paris Volley
🏐Jonas Bastia (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷CAJVB Conflans to 🇫🇷Asnieres Volley 92
🏐Marek Sotola (🇨🇿)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers to 🇩🇪Berlin Recycling Volleys
🏐Adrien Segalin (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Avignon Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball
🏐Yao Gnenegbe (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Amiens Métropole Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Reims MV
🏐Mario Medan (🇷🇸)–Setter–from 🇷🇸Spartak Ljig to 🇫🇷Amiens Métropole Volley-Ball
🏐Francisco Pombeiro (🇵🇹)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Martigues Volley-Ball to 🇵🇹Vitória SC
🏐Swan N’Gapeth (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers to 🇮🇹Leo Shoes Modena
🏐Gabriele Nelli (🇮🇹)–Opposite–from 🇷🇺Belogorie Belgorod to 🇫🇷AS Cannes
🏐Krasimir Georgiev (🇧🇬)–Middle-blocker–from 🇪🇬Al-Ahly SC to 🇫🇷AS Cannes
🏐Rodrigue Manuohalalo (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique to 🇫🇷AS Cannes
🏐Sebastian Giraldo Gomez (🇨🇴)–Outside Hitter–from 🇸🇦Al-Yarmouk to 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball
🏐Thomas Nagels (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷ASUL Lyon Volley to 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball
🏐Antonin Roulleau (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Rennes EC to 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball
🏐Roman Labazhevich (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷AS Cannes to 🇫🇷Reims MV
🏐Sébastian Roatta (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Martigues Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball
🏐Alexander Carabali (🇨🇴)–Middle-blocker–from 🇬🇷OFI Crete to 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball
🏐Mathäus Jurkovics (🇦🇹)–Middle-blocker–from 🇩🇪Volleyball Bisons Bühl to 🇫🇷Paris Volley
🏐Maciej Madej (🇵🇱)–Setter–from 🇸🇪Hylte/Halmstad VBK to 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball
🏐Giorgios Petreas (🇬🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers to 🇬🇷P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki
🏐Theodoros Voulkidis (🇬🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇬🇷Olympiacos Piraeus to 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers
🏐Carlos Antony (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷AL Caudry Volley-Ball
🏐Julien Lyneel (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇮🇹Tonno Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia to 🇫🇷Montpellier UC
🏐Axel Truhtchev (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Plessis Robinson Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley
🏐Vasyl Tupchii (🇺🇦)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Arago de Sète to 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley
🏐Gregor Ropret (🇸🇮)–Setter–from 🇸🇮ACH Volley Ljubljana to 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley
🏐Valentin Wang Si (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷VBPN Niort to 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole
🏐Arvydas Miseikis (🇱🇹)–Opposite–from 🇦🇹SK Zadruga AICH/DOB to 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball
🏐Kevin Ian Iurisevich (🇦🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Beauvais Oise UC to 🇫🇷SAS Épinal
🏐Célestin Cardin (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole to 🇫🇷Montpellier UC
🏐Loïc Manuohalalo (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole to 🇫🇷Loisirs Inter Sport Saint-Pierre
🏐Miloš Labik (🇸🇰)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley 2 to 🇫🇷VC Bellaing/Porte du Hainaut
🏐Fabian Plak (🇳🇱)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52
🏐Paul Nicole (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Plessis Robinson Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Loisirs Inter Sport Saint-Pierre
🏐Robin Neraudeau (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Paris Volley to 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole
🏐Filippo Lanza (🇮🇹)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52 to 🇨🇳Shanghai Golden Age
🏐Martin Djordjevic (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷France Avenir 2024 to 🇫🇷Rennes EC
🏐José Miguel Gutiérrez (🇨🇺)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers to 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52
🏐Tanguy Lemeur (🇫🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷Tours VB to 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole
🏐Samuel Jeanlys (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52 to 🇩🇪WWK Volleys Herrsching
🏐Uchenna Ofoha (🇨🇦)–Middle-blocker–from 🇪🇸Arenal Emevé to 🇫🇷Avignon Volley-Ball
🏐Nicolás Lazo (🇦🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇧🇷Fiat/Minas to 🇫🇷Montpellier UC
🏐Lionel Coloras (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Rennes EC
🏐Julien Legrand (🇫🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole to 🇫🇷Rennes EC
🏐Marc Zopie (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers to 🇫🇷Rennes EC
🏐Thibaut Thoral (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique to 🇫🇷Rennes EC
🏐Christian Fromm (🇩🇪)–Outside Hitter–from 🇬🇷Olympiacos Piraeus to 🇫🇷AS Cannes
🏐Gastón Fernández (🇦🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇦🇷Ciudad Voley to 🇫🇷Avignon Volley-Ball
🏐Danny Poda (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇧🇪Lindemans Aalst to 🇫🇷Paris Volley
🏐Luciano Palonsky (🇦🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole to 🇮🇹Prisma Taranto
🏐Johannes Tille (🇩🇪)–Setter–from 🇩🇪WWK Volleys Herrsching to 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique
🏐Rusmir Halilović (🇧🇦)–Setter–from 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball to 🇷🇴Universitatea Craiova
🏐Lourenço Martins (🇵🇹)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole to 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique
🏐Marko Bojić (🇲🇪)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball to 🇹🇷Yeni Kızıltepe Spor Kulubü
🏐Tomas Gallo (🇦🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇦🇷San Lorenzo to 🇫🇷AL Caudry Volley-Ball
🏐Quentin Schouteten (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Fréjus Var Volley to 🇫🇷AL Caudry Volley-Ball
🏐Maxime Thiercy (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷CO Villers-lès-Nancy to 🇫🇷SAS Épinal
🏐Luca Nobilo (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷AS Illac Volley to 🇫🇷SAS Épinal
🏐Renaud Ventresque (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Martigues Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Volley-Ball Arlésien
🏐William Bersani (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Avignon Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Volley-Ball Arlésien
🏐Mathias Loupias (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Tours VB to 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole
🏐Lenny Socrier (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Arago de Sète to 🇫🇷Mende Volley Lozère
🏐Yassine Abdelhedi (🇹🇳)–Opposite–from 🇹🇷Erzin Yeşilkent to 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley
🏐Ludovic Arzac (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Narbonne Volley to 🇫🇷Harnes Volley-Ball
🏐Aymeric Philippe (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Maromme Canteleu Volley 76 to 🇫🇷Harnes Volley-Ball
🏐Sebastian Closter (🇦🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley to 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique
🏐Kellian Motta Paes (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷France Avenir 2024 to 🇫🇷Paris Volley
🏐Félix Chapman (🇨🇺)–Middle-blocker–from 🇧🇷Grand View University Vikings to 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers
🏐Antonin Rouzier (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Paris Volley to 🇫🇷Plessis Robinson Volley-Ball
🏐Pablo Natan Ventura (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Tours VB to 🇵🇹Sport Lisboa e Benfica
🏐Antoine Pothron (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷France Avenir 2024 to 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley
🏐Kévin François (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Martigues Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole
🏐Šimon Krajčovič (🇸🇰)–Middle-blocker–from 🇨🇿Dukla Liberec to 🇫🇷Montpellier UC
🏐Helder Spencer (🇨🇻)–Middle-blocker–from 🇵🇹Fonte do Bastardo to 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique
🏐Facundo Santucci (🇦🇷)–Libero–from 🇨🇭Chênois Genève VB to 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley
🏐Joachim Panou (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Montpellier UC to 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley
🏐Rubén Lorente Camacho (🇪🇸)–Setter–from 🇪🇸ConectaBalear CV Manacor to 🇫🇷Mende Volley Lozère
🏐Sami Ben Mahmoud (🇹🇳)–Setter–from 🇫🇷US Villejuif to 🇫🇷Volley-Ball Arlésien
🏐Juan Pablo Moreno Mosquera (🇨🇴)–Opposite–from 🇪🇸Rotogal Boiro to 🇫🇷Mende Volley Lozère
🏐Brendan Gouessant (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique
🏐Julien Winkelmuller (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇹🇷Arkas Spor to 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole
🏐Gabriel Bertolini (🇧🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇧🇷Vedacit Vôlei Guarulhos to 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole
🏐Mathias Pire (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley to 🇧🇪VBC Waremme
🏐Maxime Cheung (🇫🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷CNM Charenton to 🇫🇷Mende Volley Lozère
🏐Adelso Junior (🇧🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Beauvais Oise UC to 🇫🇷Cesson Volley Saint-Brieuc Côtes d’Armor
🏐Lucas Lilembo (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole to 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique
🏐Alexandros Mazonakis (🇬🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇬🇷AS Kerkis to 🇫🇷CA Brive
🏐Lucas Loh (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Tours VB to 🇧🇷Sada Cruzeiro Vôlei
🏐Johan Vahter (🇪🇪)–Libero–from 🇪🇪Saaremaa VK to 🇫🇷Fréjus Var Volley
🏐Artur Udrys (🇧🇾)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Tours VB to 🇬🇷P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki
🏐Steven Marshall (🇨🇦)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52 to 🇫🇷Nice Volley-Ball
🏐Petter Østvik (🇳🇴)–Middle-blocker–from 🇸🇮OK Hoče to 🇫🇷Fréjus Var Volley
🏐Reynaldo Rogers Green (🇧🇷)–Opposite–from 🇧🇷Caramuru Vôlei to 🇫🇷Amiens Métropole Volley-Ball
🏐Milutin Nejić (🇷🇸)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley to 🇷🇸Partizan Belgrade
🏐Bruno Lima (🇦🇷)–Opposite–from 🇹🇷Afyon Belediye Yüntaş to 🇫🇷Nice Volley-Ball
🏐Yousri Anegay (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley to 🇫🇷Fréjus Var Volley
🏐Amaury Auffray (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole to 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique
🏐Taylor Averill (🇺🇸)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷AS Cannes to 🇵🇱Indykpol AZS Olsztyn
🏐Kévin Tillie (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇮🇹Top Volley Cisterna to 🇫🇷Tours VB
🏐Paolo Zonca (🇮🇹)–Outside Hitter–from 🇮🇹Consar Ravenna to 🇫🇷Nice Volley-Bal
🏐Nikola Jovović (🇷🇸)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley to 🇷🇺Dynamo LO
🏐Tomás López (🇦🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇩🇪Volleyball Bisons Bühl to 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole
🏐Evgeny Karpinski (🇷🇺)–Opposite–from 🇵🇱BKS Visła Bydgoszcz to 🇫🇷Fréjus Var Volley
🏐David Sossenheimer (🇩🇪)–Outside Hitter–from 🇮🇹Sir Safety Conad Perugia to 🇫🇷AS Cannes
🏐Adrian Aciobăniței (🇷🇴)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷AS Cannes to 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52
🏐Gladstone Magalhães de Jesus (🇧🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers to 🇬🇷Filippos Veroias
🏐Daniel Pinho (🇧🇷)–Opposite–from 🇧🇷Uberlândia Academia do Vôlei to 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley
🏐Lucas Salles (🇧🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇧🇷Uberlândia Academia do Vôlei to 🇫🇷Mende Volley Lozère
🏐Matéo Lapierre (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Loisirs Inter Sport Saint-Pierre to 🇫🇷Avignon Volley-Ball
🏐Felipi Rammé (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇧🇷Vedacit Vôlei Guarulhos to 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole
🏐Atvars Ozoliņš (🇱🇻)–Outside Hitter–from 🇪🇪Pärnu Võrkpalliklubi to 🇫🇷Fréjus Var Volley
🏐Amine Chaibi (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷CAJVB Conflans to 🇫🇷Asnieres Volley 92
🏐Yassine Azennoud (🇫🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷CAJVB Conflans to 🇫🇷Asnieres Volley 92
🏐Titouan Pichon (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley to 🇫🇷CAJVB Conflans
🏐Esteban Leray (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Plessis Robinson Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷CAJVB Conflans
🏐François Rebeyrol (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Plessis Robinson Volley-Ball
🏐Antoine Carreno (🇫🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷Arago de Sète to 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball
🏐Thibault Loubeyre (🇫🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷France Avenir 2024 to 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole
🏐José Carlos Romero (🇨🇺)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball to 🇪🇸Rotogal Boiro
🏐Joan Domenech Tous (🇪🇸)–Middle-blocker–from 🇪🇸Barça Voleibol to 🇫🇷Narbonne Volley
🏐Médéric Henry (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole to 🇫🇷Plessis Robinson Volley-Ball
🏐Niklas Kronthaler (🇦🇹)–Outside Hitter–from 🇩🇪Volleyball Bisons Bühl to 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley
🏐Lucas Soldner (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley to 🇫🇷Fréjus Var Volley
🏐Abdel-Aziz Doumbia (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley to 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique
🏐Quentin Jouffroy (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Narbonne Volley
🏐Moussé Gueye (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Narbonne Volle to 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52
🏐Maxime Roatta–Opposite–from 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52
🏐Victor Socié (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷France Avenir 2024 to 🇫🇷Narbonne Volley
🏐Simon Hirsch (🇩🇪)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Narbonne Volley to 🇩🇪VfB Friedrichshafen
🏐Víctor Rodríguez Perez (🇪🇸)–Outside Hitter–from 🇪🇸CV Teruel to 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball
🏐Abiud Chirchir (🇰🇪)–Opposite–from 🇹🇳Club Olympique de Kélibia to 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball
🏐Johannes Tille (🇩🇪)–Setter–from 🇩🇪WWK Volleys Herrsching to 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique
🏐Gildas Prévert (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Paris Volley to 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers
🏐Alen Pajenk (🇸🇮)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers to 🇬🇷Olympiacos Piraeus
🏐Nicolás Marcelo Mendez (🇦🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Montpellier UC to 🇫🇷Paris Volley
🏐Théo Josserand (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Rennes EC to 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball
🏐Peter Michalovič (🇸🇰)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole to 🇬🇷Foinikas Syros ONEX
🏐Robert Viiber (🇪🇪)–Setter–from 🇮🇹Pool Libertas Cantù to 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball
🏐Hugo De Leon Guimaraes (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Plessis Robinson Volley-Ball
🏐Florian Lacassie (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷AS Cannes to 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball
🏐Kévin Rodriguez (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷AS Cannes to 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique
🏐Iliya Petkov (🇧🇬)–Middle-blocker–from 🇧🇬Neftochimik Burgas to 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley
🏐Lincoln Williams (🇦🇺)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷AS Cannes to 🇰🇷Korean Air Jumbos
🏐Arthur Piazzeta (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique to 🇫🇷CAJVB Conflans
🏐Cyril Larrieu (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley to 🇫🇷CAJVB Conflans
🏐Yannick Bazin (🇫🇷)–Setter–to 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley to 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole
🏐Mohammad Javad Manavinezhad (🇮🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇮🇷Saipa Alborz to 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers
🏐David Fiel (🇨🇺)–Middle-blocker–from 🇩🇪VfB Friedrichshafen from 🇫🇷Paris Volley
🏐Malick Frédéric (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique to 🇫🇷Avignon Volley-Ball
🏐Vianney Vandooren (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Avignon Volley-Ball to 🇧🇪VBC Waremme
🏐Daniel Martins de Pinho (🇧🇷)–Opposite–from 🇧🇷Uberlândia Academia do Vôlei to 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley
🏐Matej Patak (🇸🇰)–Outside Hitter–from 🇨🇿VK Lvi Praha to 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball
🏐Javier Concepción (🇨🇺)–Middle-blocker–from 🇵🇱Indykpol AZS Olsztyn to 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers
🏐Luiz Henrique Sene (🇧🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Paris Volley to 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley
🏐Dmytro Teryomenko (🇺🇦)–Middle-blocker–from 🇵🇱Indykpol AZS Olsztyn to 🇫🇷Tours VB
🏐Daniel Cagliari (🇧🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley to 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley
🏐Renan Michelucci (🇧🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇩🇪Berlin Recycling Volleys to 🇫🇷Paris Volley
🏐Micah Ma’a (🇺🇸)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers to 🇵🇱GKS Katowice
🏐Kévin Kaba (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Montpellier UC to 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley
🏐Marcus Vinícius Oliveira (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇧🇷Sesi São Paulo to 🇫🇷Tours VB
🏐Edson Felicissimo (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Plessis Robinson Volley-Ball to 🇧🇪VBC Waremme
🏐Cédric Da Silva (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52
🏐Moritz Karlitzek (🇩🇪)–Outside Hitter–from 🇮🇹Leo Shoes Modena to 🇫🇷Arago de Sète
🏐Emil Serreau (🇸🇪)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Mende Volley Lozère to 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley
🏐Raphaël Pascal (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Arago de Sète to 🇫🇷AS Illac Volley
🏐Maxime Hervoir (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique to 🇫🇷AS Illac Volley
🏐Romain Bonon (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷CAJVB Conflans to 🇫🇷AS Illac Volley
🏐Wilson Silva (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇧🇷Montes Claros/América Vôlei to 🇫🇷Mende Volley Lozère
🏐Clément Diverchy (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley to 🇫🇷Avignon Volley-Ball
🏐Luka Marinkovic (🇷🇸)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Martigues Volley-Ball
🏐Faipule Kolokilagi (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Mende Volley Lozère to 🇫🇷Martigues Volley-Ball
🏐Eldin Demirović (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley to 🇫🇷Martigues Volley-Ball
🏐Pablo Guzman (🇦🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇦🇷UPCN Voley Club to 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley
🏐Pavel Mocanu (🇪🇨)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley to 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball
🏐Robin Overbeeke (🇳🇱)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball to 🇧🇪Lindemans Aalst
🏐Emmanuel Ragondet (🇫🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Martigues Volley-Ball
🏐Yoann Jaumel (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Arago de Sète to 🇫🇷Martigues Volley-Ball
🏐Maxime Mourier (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Martigues Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley
🏐Kacper Popik (🇵🇱)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley to 🇵🇱UKS Mickiewicz Kluczbork
🏐Vincent Mabiala (🇨🇩)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Mende Volley Lozère to 🇫🇷Arago de Sète
🏐Maximiliano Chirivino (🇦🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique to 🇫🇷Arago de Sète
🏐Ryan Sclater (🇨🇦)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Montpellier UC to 🇫🇷Arago de Sète
🏐Pierre Derouillon (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley to 🇫🇷Tours VB
🏐Pétrus Montes (🇧🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Tours VB to 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole
🏐Thiago Veloso (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇵🇱MKS Będzin to 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley
🏐Davy Moraes (🇧🇷)–Opposite–from 🇩🇪Berlin Recycling Volleys to 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole
🏐Gabriel Vaccari (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇧🇷Vôlei Renata/Campinas to 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole
🏐Michel Saraiva (🇧🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇧🇷Vôlei Renata/Campinas to 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole
🏐Aboubacar Dramé Neto (🇧🇷)–Opposite–from 🇮🇹Tonno Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia to 🇫🇷Tours VB
🏐François Huetz (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Paris Volley to 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole
🏐 Théo Faure (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley to 🇫🇷Montpellier UC

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