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Volleyball transfers in France 2021/22


Last Update: May 8, 2021 📆 23.21 🕐

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🏐Gildas Prévert (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Paris Volley to 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers


🏐Alen Pajenk (🇸🇮)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers to 🇬🇷Olympiacos Piraeus
🏐Nicolás Marcelo Mendez (🇦🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Montpellier UC to 🇫🇷Paris Volley
🏐Théo Josserand (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Rennes EC to 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball
🏐Peter Michalovič (🇸🇰)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole to 🇬🇷Foinikas Syros ONEX
🏐Robert Viiber (🇪🇪)–Setter–from 🇮🇹Pool Libertas Cantù to 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball
🏐Hugo De Leon Guimaraes (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Plessis Robinson Volley-Ball
🏐Florian Lacassie (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷AS Cannes to 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball
🏐Kévin Rodriguez (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷AS Cannes to 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique
🏐Iliya Petkov (🇧🇬)–Middle-blocker–from 🇧🇬Neftochimik Burgas to 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley
🏐Lincoln Williams (🇦🇺)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷AS Cannes to 🇰🇷Korean Air Jumbos
🏐Arthur Piazzeta (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique to 🇫🇷CAJVB Conflans
🏐Cyril Larrieu (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley to 🇫🇷CAJVB Conflans
🏐Yannick Bazin (🇫🇷)–Setter–to 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley to 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole
🏐Mohammad Javad Manavinezhad (🇮🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇮🇷Saipa Alborz to 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers
🏐David Fiel (🇨🇺)–Middle-blocker–from 🇩🇪VfB Friedrichshafen from 🇫🇷Paris Volley
🏐Malick Frédéric (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique to 🇫🇷Avignon Volley-Ball
🏐Vianney Vandooren (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Avignon Volley-Ball to 🇧🇪VBC Waremme
🏐Daniel Martins de Pinho (🇧🇷)–Opposite–from 🇧🇷Uberlândia Academia do Vôlei to 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley
🏐Matej Patak (🇸🇰)–Outside Hitter–from 🇨🇿VK Lvi Praha to 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball
🏐Javier Concepción (🇨🇺)–Middle-blocker–from 🇵🇱Indykpol AZS Olsztyn to 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers
🏐Luiz Henrique Sene (🇧🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Paris Volley to 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley
🏐Dmytro Teryomenko (🇺🇦)–Middle-blocker–from 🇵🇱Indykpol AZS Olsztyn to 🇫🇷Tours VB
🏐Daniel Cagliari (🇧🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley to 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley
🏐Renan Michelucci (🇧🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇩🇪Berlin Recycling Volleys to 🇫🇷Paris Volley
🏐Micah Ma’a (🇺🇸)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers to 🇵🇱GKS Katowice
🏐Kévin Kaba (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Montpellier UC to 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley
🏐Marcus Vinícius Oliveira (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇧🇷Sesi São Paulo to 🇫🇷Tours VB
🏐Edson Felicissimo (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Plessis Robinson Volley-Ball to 🇧🇪VBC Waremme
🏐Cédric Da Silva (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52
🏐Moritz Karlitzek (🇩🇪)–Outside Hitter–from 🇮🇹Leo Shoes Modena to 🇫🇷Arago de Sète
🏐Emil Serreau (🇸🇪)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Mende Volley Lozère to 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley
🏐Raphaël Pascal (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Arago de Sète to 🇫🇷AS Illac Volley
🏐Maxime Hervoir (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique to 🇫🇷AS Illac Volley
🏐Romain Bonon (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷CAJVB Conflans to 🇫🇷AS Illac Volley
🏐Wilson Silva (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇧🇷Montes Claros/América Vôlei to 🇫🇷Mende Volley Lozère
🏐Clément Diverchy (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley to 🇫🇷Avignon Volley-Ball
🏐Luka Marinkovic (🇷🇸)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Martigues Volley-Ball
🏐Faipule Kolokilagi (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Mende Volley Lozère to 🇫🇷Martigues Volley-Ball
🏐Eldin Demirović (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley to 🇫🇷Martigues Volley-Ball
🏐Pablo Guzman (🇦🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇦🇷UPCN Voley Club to 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley
🏐Pavel Mocanu (🇪🇨)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley to 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball
🏐Robin Overbeeke (🇳🇱)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball to 🇧🇪Lindemans Aalst
🏐Emmanuel Ragondet (🇫🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Martigues Volley-Ball
🏐Yoann Jaumel (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Arago de Sète to 🇫🇷Martigues Volley-Ball
🏐Maxime Mourier (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Martigues Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley
🏐Kacper Popik (🇵🇱)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley to 🇵🇱UKS Mickiewicz Kluczbork
🏐Vincent Mabiala (🇨🇩)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Mende Volley Lozère to 🇫🇷Arago de Sète
🏐Maximiliano Chirivino (🇦🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique to 🇫🇷Arago de Sète
🏐Ryan Sclater (🇨🇦)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Montpellier UC to 🇫🇷Arago de Sète
🏐Pierre Derouillon (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley to 🇫🇷Tours VB
🏐Pétrus Montes (🇧🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Tours VB to 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole
🏐Thiago Veloso (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇵🇱MKS Będzin to 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley
🏐Davy Moraes (🇧🇷)–Opposite–from 🇩🇪Berlin Recycling Volleys to 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole
🏐Gabriel Vaccari (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇧🇷Vôlei Renata/Campinas to 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole
🏐Michel Saraiva (🇧🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇧🇷Vôlei Renata/Campinas to 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole
🏐Aboubacar Dramé Neto (🇧🇷)–Opposite–from 🇮🇹Tonno Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia to 🇫🇷Tours VB
🏐François Huetz (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Paris Volley to 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole
🏐 Théo Faure (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley to 🇫🇷Montpellier UC

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