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Italy: Calendar of Serie A2: All the matches towards promotion in Superlega.

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After having told you about the calendar of the italian Superlega, here we speak about the italian Serie A2. A Serie A2 that loses the winner of the A2 Italian Cup (Rome/Civita Castellana), but with a big team, directly from the Superlega, Piacenza. Many confirmations, including the 2015 playoff winner Potenza Picena, and the finalist of the last two seasons (Spoleto). Lots of news: the great return of former Italian champion Cuneo, the old Massa who moved to Livorno, and an italian historic volleyball city as Macerata that returns to breathe great volley.

In total are 27 teams divided into two groups: Girone Bianco (white pool) with 13 teams, and Girone Blu (blue pool), with 14 teams.

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