11 December 2023


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Road to the World Championship. Italy-China 3:0 and Blengini’s nominations.

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Italy-China 3-0 (25-20; 25-17; 25-17)
Italy defeats China without lot of difficulty, because the difference between the two teams is remarkable. The hosts will play the next and last friendly match Thursday in Siena. Mvp and top scorer of the match is Osmany Juantorena with 16 points, 43% attack, but 4 aces (including the one that closed the first set, the most balanced of the whole match.)
After the match, coach Blengini chose the 14 players for the world championship. The last ones excluded are the spiker Antonov and the young blocker Russo.

14 Blengini’s Players:
Setters: Simone Giannelli, Michele Baranowicz
Opposites: Ivan Zaytsev, Gabriele Nelli
Middleblockers: Simone Anzani, Daniele Mazzone, Davide Candellaro, Enrico Cester
Spikers: Osmany Juantorena, Filippo Lanza, Gabriele Maruotti, Luigi Randazzo
Liberos: Massimo Colaci, Salvatore Rossini.

Italy and China to the World Championship.
Italy: POOL A in Rome and Florence. Argentina, Italy, Japan, Belgium, Slovenia, Dominican Republic.
China: POOL B in Ruse. Brasil, Canada, France, Egypt, China, Netherlands.

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