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Road to the World Championship. Here is Grbic’s Serbia: an expert team for the assault on the podium.

Also Nikola Grbic has chosen the athletes to play the World Championship, which will begin with the attractive and difficult pool of Bari, which also includes Russia and the United States, two of the biggest favorites for the title race. This is an expert team, with great experience and technical qualities.

Here are the 14 players:
1. Aleksandar Okolic (1993, Blocker)
2. Uros Kovacevic (1993, Spiker)
3. Milan Katic (1993, Spiker)
4. Nemanja Petric (1987, Spiker)
7. Petar Krsmanovic (1990, Blocker)
8. Marko Ivovic (1990, Spiker)
9. Nikola Jovovic (1992, Setter)
14. Aleksandar Atanasijevic (1991, Opposite)
16. Drazen Luburic (1993, Opposite)
17. Neven Majstorovic (1989, Libero)
18. Marko Podrascanin (1987, Blocker)
19. Nikola Rosic (1984, Libero)
20. Srecko Lisinac (1992, Blocker)
21. Ivan Kostic (1988, Setter).

Serbia to the World Championship.
POOL C (Bari, Ita): USA, Russia, Serbia, Australia, Camerun, Tunisia.


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