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World Championship, USA, Brazil and Italy already qualified for Final Six.

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Pool E @ Milan
Netherlands – Finland 3-1 (25-19, 23-25, 25-16, 25-13)

The Netherlands are still in the race for the final six, scoring the 3-1 win against Finland. Nimir Abdel Aziz was the best scorer of the match with 22 points.
Russia – Italy 3-2 (19-25, 25-18, 25-21, 19-25, 15-11)
Russia win five-sets battle against Italy to stay in the race for final six. Italy, already qualified, have opened the match by taking the first set, playing very good in defense and in the attack, while Russia were under the pressure, and played not at their level. However, in the second set, they showed much more, tying the match in sets 1-1. Russia won also the third set, but in the fourth stop to play, and Italy forced the tie-break. The tie-break has brought many ups and downs but Russia played better and won the match. Maxim Mikhailov led Russia with 18 points, followed by Dmitry Muserskiy that scored 15 points. For Italy, Ivan Zaytsev was the top scorer with 21 points, followed by Juantorena with 16.

 Italy 6-1 (19)
Russia 5-2 (15)
Netherlands 5-2 (14)
Finland 2-5 (6)

Pool F @ Bologna
Australia – Belgium 0-3 (26-28, 26-28, 20-25)

Great show yesterday in Bologna, where Belgium have scored the win, beating Australia in a very uncertain match. Belgio have now 4-3 score but it’s going to be difficult for them to qualify for the Final six.
Slovenia – Brazil 0-3 (22-25, 21-25, 16-25)
Brazil will play at the Final Six. Brazil have defeated Slovenia in straight sets with a good performance and claiming a ticket for the final six. Renan Dal Zotto’s team needed a victory that will push them to the Final six and they managed to do it. Douglas Souza was the top scorer with 15 points, followed by Isaac Santos with 11 points and Wallace de Souza with 10.

 Brazil 6-1 (17)
Belgium 4-3 (13)
Slovenia 4-3 (12)
Australia 2-5 (7)

Pool G @ Sofia
Iran – Canada 2-3 (20-25, 25-20, 15-25, 25-23, 12-15)

John Perrin and Nicholas Hoag played great match against Iran, finishing the match with 29 points each. So, Canada and Iran now have the same score, 4-3 each.
Bulgaria – USA 0-3 (20-25, 20-25, 18-25)
USA claim Final Six ticket by beating the co-host Bulgaria in straight sets. The domination of the American team has continued by defeating Bulgaria and scoring the seventh win at the World Championship, without suffering any defeat! Aaron Russell was the best scorer with 18 points, followed by Taylor Sander with 12 and Matt Anderson with 11.

USA 7-0 (19)
Bulgaria 4-3 (12)
Iran 4-3 (12)
Canada 4-3 (11)

Pool H @ Varna
Serbia – Argentina 3-0 (25-18, 25-22, 25-22)
Serbia destroyed Argentina in straight sets to score the sixth victory so far, making a really big step towards the Final Six! Drazen Luburic, which played at the opposite position, ended the match with 14 points, while Ivovic added 12. In Argentina, Poglajen scored 10 points. For Argentina is the end of competition.
Poland – France 1-3 (15-25, 18-25, 25-23, 18-25)
France beat reigning World Champions signing an important victory, to keep the hopes for the Final six. Earvin Ngapeth played one of the best matches in the tournament, and finishing the game with 26 points. Artur Szalpuk was the best scorer on the other side.

 Serbia 6-1 (17)
Poland 5-2 (16)
France 4-3 (15)
Argentina 3-4 (8)

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