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Vibo Valentia’s victory drops the curtain of the second day of italian SuperLega. Siena defeated 3-2 in comeback.

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Emma Villas Siena – Tonno Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia 2-3 (32-30, 23-25, 30-32, 25-18, 13-15)
EMMA VILLAS SIENA: Giraudo, Cortesia, Spadavecchia, Marouf 2, Giovi (L), Gladyr 15, Vedovotto, Mattei 12, Ishikawa 13, Fedrizzi, Johansen, Maruotti 17, Hernandez 27. Coach: Cichello.
TONNO CALLIPO VIBO VALENTIA: Zhukouski 4, Marra (L), Cappio (L), Vitelli 4, Marsili, Skrimov 18, Barreto 10, Domagala, Al Hachdadi 25, Presta 3, Strohbach 12, Focosi, Mengozzi 7. Coach: Valentini.

In a very balanced match, it is the Tonno Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia to get the upper hand on Emma Villas Siena, in the last match of Italian Superlega second round.
It ends 2-3 the match at Siena’s PalaEstra, with the guests who, with many difficulties, add another 2 points to their loot by welding in the part high in the ranking.
Very balanced the first set, with a little break for guests on 7-9. Won’t give up, however, the men of coach Cichello, which little by little gnawing two lengths and raging the situation for 22-20. To decide the fate of the set are the advantages, which give reason to the Tuscans for 32-30.
In the second set Vibo Valentia scored an important break and fly on 9-14. Hovewer, immediately the equality is restored (14-14). The set is won by Tonno Callipo, 23-25.
Siena immediately puts his head forward at the beginning of the third set, and is 7-3. Continue the race of the home team, but Vibo Valentia tries to reset the distance until 20-17, and the two team go point to point. Once again to the advantages, is the Tonno Callipo, which with a heavy 30-32 brings the match on 1-2. Everything to be redone, then, for Siena!
Still balacend the start of the fourth set, but Siena tries the escape: 9-5. The guests try to reduce the gap, but Siena fly until 18-13. Nothing to do for Vibo Valentia: Coach Cichello’s team refer the verdict to the tie break!
Great start for Vibo Valentia in tie break, which leads 1-4, but immediately Siena tip the scales on their side and is 5-4. The balance reigns, then, between the two teams: 11-11, but Siena want win the match, and took an advantage 13-11. It’s time out, and when the siren sounds, on the return to the field the Calabrians mark the 13-15 which is worth the two points!

Photo: Emma Villas Siena
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