8 December 2023


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Mohamed Al Hachdadi (Vibo Valentia) top scorer of Superlega in these first two round.

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He started the season in a really good way Mohamed Al Hachdadi, the Vibo Valentia’s opposite who has immediately carved out in these first two days of the italian Superlega a leading role.
With the 49 points scored in the matches played against Castellana Grotte and Siena, the Moroccan opposite took the lead in the ranking of the most prolific players in terms of points scored.
The podium is completed by Ivan Zaytsev (Modena) with 45 points, followed by another Vibo Valentia’s player: the Bulgarian Todor Skrimov, with 44 points scored.

Mohamed Al Hachdadi, last season with Poitiers Jersey.

So, an excellent start for Mohamed Al Hachdadi, who played the previous season when in France, Poitiers, and one year ago, at the debut against Ajaccio, he scored 36 points!
It seems, he is determined to do well this athlete who has a culture of work and who wants to prove that at almost 28 years he can play a good season in this italian SuperLega.

A curiosity: it is not the first time that a Tonno Callipo’s athlete is placed at first place of the best-scorer after two round of the Championship.
If we look at the last ten Championships of the highest series, there is Niels Klapwijk, the Dutch opposite that in the 2011-12 and 2012-13 seasons realized, respectively, 48 points in the matches against San Giustino and Cuneo (two tie-breaks) and 44 points in matches against Trento and Modena.

Photo: volleytonnocallipo.it

Another curiosity?
This is the complete list of the best scorers after two days of the italian Championship in the last ten seasons!
– Angel DENNIS (Modena) – 58 points (season 2009-10);
– Raydel POEY (Rome) – 51 points (2010-11 season);
– Niels KLAPWIJK (Vibo Valentia) – 48 points (season 2011-12);
– Niels KLAPWIJK (Vibo Valentia) – 44 points (season 2012-13);
– Aleksandar ATANASIJEVIC (Perugia) – 50 points (2013-14 season);
– Alekasandar ATANASIJEVIC (Perugia) – 54 points (2014-15 season);
– Osmany JUANTORENA (Civitanova) – 52 points (season 2015-16);
– Luca VETTORI (Modena) – 44 points (2016-17 season);
– Nimir ABDEL-AZIZ (Milan) – 54 points (season 2017-18);
– Mohamed AL HACHDADI (Vibo Valentia) – 49 points (season 2018-19).

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