24 September 2023


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SAD DAY FOR VOLLEYBALL: Young Russian player commits suicide.

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The 23-year old volleyball player of MGTU Student Volleyball team Nikita Marchenko committed suicide in Moscow.
“Nikita Marchenko passed away…One of us…A reliable friend, loyal comrade and just a good person. He was just 23-year old. It is very strange when people leave in full bloom of power. Rest in peace, Nikita,” writes the volleyball team on their official page on VKontakte.

Nikita fell from the 10th floor of the building and lost his life.
The wife of Nikita Marchenko, told REN TV her latest message.
According to the woman, the couple made plans for January 13. They planned to watch the club match, Marchenko did not play in the game, since he had been injured before, and then he was going home.
However, the boy did not respond all day, only around 3:00 pm, he wrote to his wife that he would respond later. But this did not happen, since he died.
On January 13, the body was found near the shelter at the Embankment Hospital. The investigators found Marchenko’s phone, and there was a suicide note in which he accused the volleyball team’s management of his death.

Source: tech2.org

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