23 September 2023


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#France Round 14: Incredible victory of Nice against Rennes. Nantes and Montpellier ok.

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In France the first part of Round 14 was played (this the first round of second leg). Montpellier wins in four sets against Toulouse, great, fantastic home victory for Nice against leaders of Rennes at the tie break, and Nantes wins in straight sets against Cannes.
After a very good first set, Toulouse surrenders to the hosts of Montpellier, who win this match and take 3 very important points for the standings. Really a good match for the Montpellier’s setter Gonzalez, author of 7 points: one ace, one attack and 5 winning blocks!
The main difference between the two teams was with the winning blocks: 18 in total for Montpellier, against the 6 for Toulouse.
The top scorer of the match was Jean Patry with 17 points and 52% in attack, while Thiago Sens added 15 on the winning side.
What a battle between Nice and Rennes! Continue the positive period for Nice, which this time defeated the leaders of Rennes at tie-break in a really spectacular match. Very balanced match from start to finish: the hosts were leading 2-1, and in the fourth set they even reached a maximum advantage of 4 points! However Rennes managed to snatch a tie break, uncertain until the end.
Decisive the turn in the service of Deev, who also realized the ace of victory. Incredible performance of Kamil Baranek: 30 points scored with 66% attack, even if it was not enough to led his team to victory. On the winning side, Robin Overbeeke was the top scorer with 23 points, while Adam Bartoš contributed with 16, including 4 winning blocks!
Closes the picture of today’s matches the defeat of Cannes on the field of Nantes in straight sets. Nothing to do, although Cannes has fighted.
On the winning side Michalovic and Noda Blanco scored 15 points each, while in Cannes Ferens was the top scorer and probably the best with 11 points, while Kral contributed with 10 (including 4 winning blocks).

Montpellier-Toulouse 3:1

Nice-Rennes 3:2


Nantes-Cannes 3:0

Tomorrow the others:
Sunday: Tours-Ajaccio

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