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#France: the Situation After Round 20.

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Round 20 of French Ligue A has just been completed. After yesterday’s victories by Ajaccio and Tours, respectively against Poitiers and Nice, today’s big battle between Tourcoing and Chaumont (3: 2). Victory in straight sets for Narbonne, Montpellier and Rennes respectively against Cannes, Nantes and Sete.
With the victory at the break on the home court, Tourcoing is now in ninth place in the standings, just two points behind Nantes (defeated also today in straight sets), while Chaumont, conquering only one point of the booty, fails to take Nice in the standings, and remains in sixth place with 31 points (despite yesterday’s defeat against Tours, Nice has 32 points).
After the wonderful victory on Tuesday night against Toulouse, nothing to do for Cannes, now defeated in Narbonne after a really disastrous game. The team was not even remotely similar to that seen in the field in the last game, and Narbonne has always led the game, deservedly conquering the victory in this match practically one-way. Lecat was the best scorer of the match with 16 points and an excellent 75% in attack and Zanotti contributed with 13. Narbonne now has 22 points in the standings, like Toulouse, while Cannes remains at 9.
Another defeat also for Nantes, this time on the field of Montpellier. Nantes, after a fantastic start to the season, is now only eighth in the standings, and the 16 points of Michalovic, the only player of Nantes who has achieved a double-digit performance, has not served at all.
Also this was one-way match, and Montpellier has practically walked on a team that has never risked winning. Jean Patry was the absolute top scorer of the match with 17 points and 52% in attack, and excellent performance also for Nalobin, author of 14 points including 5 blocks, with 89% in attack.
Now Montpellier is in second place in the standings, with 37 points, like Rennes, which today won in straight sets against Sete in the game certainly faster than the whole Round 20 (and perhaps the whole championship!). 25:19, 25:9 and 25:16 were the partials, and Van der Dries was the top scorer of the match with 18 points and 65% in attack.

Tourcoing-Chaumont 3:2

Narbonne-Cannes 3:0

Montpellier-Nantes 3:0

Rennes-Sete 3:0

Already Played:

Ajaccio-Poitiers 3:0
Nice-Tours 0:3


Next Round:

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