24 September 2023


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#France Round 21: victory also for Tourcoing, Chaumont and Ajaccio

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Another 3 matches of round 21 of the French Ligue A were played, after the victory of Nantes 3:1 against Narbonne and Montpellier in straight sets against Sete. What’s happened? Tourcoing and Chaumont won in straight sets respectively against Poitiers and Toulouse, while Ajaccio needed 5 sets to beat Cannes after a very nervous match.
In details, continues the positive period of Tourcoing that, after a very hard-fought first set, finished 27-29, destroys Poitiers in straight sets. Despite the third set in which the hosts were willing to prolong the game, taking the lead 21:19, great team performance for Tourcoing who managed to made a great comeback and close the game. Once again Ronald Jimenez was the absolute top scorer of the match with 23 points and 55% in attack, while in Poitiers the best scorer was the new entry Mitar Tzouritz with 14 points.
Interesting change in the standings: now Poitiers and Tourcoing have both 26 points, and they are in eighth place, fighting together for the playoffs.
Chaumont walks on Toulouse, winning in straight sets without too much difficulty. Atanasov and Winkelmuller were the best scorers of the match with 14 points each, while Corteggiani was the only player in Toulouse jersey to reach a double-digit performance with 11 points.
Chaumont climbed to fifth place in the standings with 34 points, surpassing Nice which rested in this round remaining at 32, while Toulouse remains with 22 points in the standings, as Narbonne.
In Cannes (photogallery of the match soon avaible), instead, a battle lasted five sets was played: the hosts played a fantastic first set, deservedly winning 25:16, while the second and third were played practically at par, and both have concluded at the advantages, 25:27 and 33:35. However, how many regrets for Cannes! And how many wrong services in the final (and decisive) stages of both sets! But Cannes managed to win the fourth set 25-15, and the biggest regret comes right in the tie break, when the hosts were ahead by 3 points: 12-9. Ajaccio deservedly recovered the disadvantage and won a game decidedly too nervous, which ended with some divergence even in the stands.
The absolut top scorer of the match was Irfan Hamzagic with 24 points and 49% in attack, while Danijel Koncilja scored 21 points, including 4 aces and 2 winning blocks and 88% in attack.
On the winning side Thimotee Carle scored 23 points, while Milan Pepic contributed with 21.
The difference in the service is interesting: 11 aces for Cannes, against the only 2 for Ajaccio. Ajaccio confirms its fourth place in the standings, now with 36 points.
Tomorrow (sunday) the big match of the round between Tours and Rennes.

Poitiers-Tourcoing 0:3

Chaumont Toulouse 3:0

Cannes-Ajaccio 2:3


Already Played:
Nantes-Narbonne 3:1
Sete-Montpellier 0:3


Next Round:

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