24 September 2023


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#France: Montpellier destroy Sete in the Second match of Round 21

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Tonight the second match of round 21 of the French league A has been played. After yesterday’s home victory of Nantes over Narbonne in four sets, victory also for Montpellier on Sete’s field, in straight sets.
Match practically one-way, always led by guests, except for the third set in which Sete tried to lengthen the game until 16-15, although this was not possible because Montpellier is really of another level.
Vasyl Tupchii scored 16 points and he was the top scorer on the match and the only player who reached a double digit performance on the home team, while on the winning side Jean Patry scored 14 points (with 67% in attack), while Thiago Sens and Levi Alves Cabral also contributed with 13 points each.
Montpellier is now alone at the second place in the standings behind Tours, while Rennes remains at 37. Rennes will play the big match in Tours (the leaders currently have 46 points in the standings) on Sunday.

Sète-Montpellier 0:3

The others:
Tomorrow march 2, 2019: Poitiers-Tourcoing
Sunday march 3, 2019: Tours-Rennes

Already Played:
Nantes-Narbonne 3:1

(Nantes, Narbonne, Montpellier, Sete +1 match)

Photo Facebook, Montpellier Volley UC.

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