26 September 2023


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#Superlega: another defeat for Siena in the advance of Round 23. But what a mess!

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BCC Castellana Grotte – Emma Villas Siena 3-2 (28;26, 23:25, 16:25, 25:22, 15:13)
BCC Castellana Grotte – Emma Villas Siena 3-2 (28-26, 23-25, 16-25, 25-22, 15-13) – BCC Castellana Grotte: Falaschi 2, Wlodarczyk 19, Scopelliti 5, Zingel 13, Mirzajanpourmouziraji 21, De Togni 5, Pace (L), Cavaccini (L), Quartarone 0, Studzinski Rodrigues 2. N.E. Agrusti, Kruzhkov. Coach. Di Pinto.
Emma Villas Siena: Marouflakrani 5, Ishikawa 28, Gladyr 10, Hernandez Ramos 26, Savani 9, Cortesia 5, Caldelli (L), Giovi (L), Giraudo 1, Van De Voorde 0, Vedovotto 0, Maruotti 0. N.E. Mattei, Spadavecchia. Coach. Cichello.
MVP: Wlodarczyk.

Despite Castellana Grotte is already relegated, and despite the injury of De Togni during the game, another victory comes, the second consecutive and second in total, since the start of the season. After a battle lasting 5 sets, another defeat for Siena arrives, and at the end of the match the society announcing the press blackout.
In Siena the 26 errors at the service were really heavy, and the 26 points of Hernadez and the 28 of Ishikawa, authors however of an excellent performance, were not enough.
Great performance instead of Castellana Grotte which has many protagonists: Wlodarczyk, author of 19 and deservedly mvp of the match and Mirzajanpour, with 21 points.

Below the official press release of Emma Villas Siena:

The whole society, having always had particular attention and care of the whole team, declares itself no more inclined or willing to accept such attitudes from those who have shown poor professionalism and absence of attachment to the jersey, causing a serious damage to the image to a club that, over the years, has worked diligently for the territory it represented, for its supporters and for all the champions who have gloriously wore the colors of Emma Villas.
Against this the company announces the press blackout for the team that will on retreat in Bari for an indefinitely time.

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