24 September 2023


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#France: Summary of Round 22

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Round 22 of the French Ligue A has been completed. After Ajaccio’s victory in straight sets against Sete, victory also for Tours, Poitiers, Nice and Montpellier with the same result, respectively against Tourcoing, Toulouse, Nantes and Narbonne, while Rennes needed 4 sets to win against Cannes.
In details, Tours is confirmed itself at the top of the standings, with 9 points ahead of the second (Montpellier). Although the hosts of Tourcoing defended themselves very well and risked winning the first two sets, Tours is really too strong and doesn’t even give to the rivals a set.
In Tourcoing Ronald Jimenez had once again a great performance, scoring 17 points with 64% in attack, but he wasn’t enough. On the winning side Gazmend Husaj had 14 points.
Victory in straight sets also for Poitiers on the Toulouse’s court. Unlike the first set, in which they overwhelmed their opponents by winning 17-25, it wasn’t easy because the hosts fighted until the end. El Graoui was the best scorer of the match with 12 points, while Koelewijn and Kutsmus also contributed 10 points each on the winning side.
Another defeat for Cannes that remains at the bottom of the standings, even if after this Round, from the 9th position downwards nothing has changed, because they have won all the favorites. On the field of Rennes, Cannes played an impeccable first set, and the they touch the tie break, losing the fourth set 27-25, but obviously it’s not enough this time either. Mecharov played a practically perfect game, scoring 21 points with 62% in attacco, and despite the discreet test of his teammates too, Cannes back to home without even a point for the standings. On the winning side Van Der Dries scored 29 points with 61% in attack.
Clear victory for Nice that has literally overhelmed Nantes in straight sets (PHOTOGALLERY OF THIS MATCH SOON AVAIBLE). In the third set the hosts were even ahead 16-5! The former Overbeeke was the top scorer of the match with 17 points and 59% in attack, while Cuk contributed with 6 winning blocks! With this victory, Nice climbs to fifth place in the standings, overtaking Chaumont (which had the turn to rest this round), while Nantes is in eighth place with 28 points (Tourcoing has 26).
The picture is closed with another clear victory in straight sets: that of Montpellier away on Narbonne. Jean Patry was the top scorer of the game with 16 points and 58% in attack, while in Narbonne only Lecat reached a double digit performance with 12 points. A mention to the winning blocks: 14 for Montpellier, which is confirmed in second place in the standings, against the 5 of Narbonne.

Tourcoing-Tours 0:3

Toulouse-Poitiers 0:3

Rennes-Cannes 3:1


Narbonne-Montpellier 0:3

Already Played:
Ajaccio-Sete 3:0


Next Round:

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