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#Turkey: Medei is the new head coach of Ziraat

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The Turkish team Ziraat Bankası welcome its new head coach for the next season: this is the italian Giampaolo Medei.
The ambition of Ziraat Bankası in the 2018-2019 EfelerLigi was to fight for the title, however, they were eliminated already in the quarterfinals, and they finished the season too early for their standards.
The head coach Ali Kazım Hidayetoğlu was the first to pay the price for this, and Medei will be at the helm of Ziraat in the 2019/20.
His last job was in Cucine Lube Civitanova, and he has several important trophies in his collection, (mostly while performing the role of an assistant coach). As the first coach, his most valuable title was in the 2017 CEV Cup with the French team of Tours.

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