8 December 2023


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#Italy: Verona and Nikola Grbic part ways! Stoytchev is the new coach!

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Now is official: Nikola Grbic is no longer the head coach of Verona, and if days ago there was only a rumor, now this information has been confirmed by Verona’s president.

On behalf of the whole company I want to thank Nikola for what he did on the Gialloblu bench. They have been two and a half years full of emotions, which have helped us to grow the name of Verona in the world of volleyball. After careful evaluations, we have preferred to continue in another direction, starting a new cycle which, however, does not change the ambitions of our company, projected to bring this city and this team up on the volleyball planet“, says the president Stefano Magrini.

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It’s official also that the Bulgarian technician Radostin Stoytchev will arrive succeed Grbic in Verona. Nikola Grbic will continue to work as the head coach of the Serbian national team, but not only: he could train Modena, after Julio Velasco ‘s retirement, or Milan (if the current coach Andrea Giani had to go to Modena).

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