11 December 2023


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#Confirmations: Travica stays in Padova

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After the confirmation of coach Valerio Baldovin, a new renewal for Padova: despite some market rumors said he would go to Monza, Dragan Travica will be a player of Kioene also next season. The Italian press (corriere del Veneto) reports that the setter is very happy to stay in Padova, and that’s what he wanted, because in Padova he found the enthusiasm of the early years. He wants to try to improve the result of last season and will therefore be a stimulating challenge. He also adds that he has full confidence in the Kioene Padova’s society.

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Other fresh news from Padova? The two middle-blockers, unless there are any surprises, will still be Polo and Volpato.
As opposite could be arrive Fernando Hernandez, the Cuban who played in Siena last season. The spiker Louati should be go in Monza, and it seems that he only to be made official.

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