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#France: another defeat for Tours, victory for Sete vs. Chaumont, Toulouse, Poitiers, Tourcoing and Cannes in Round 2

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Last night 6 of the 7 games scheduled in Round 2 of the French championship were played, with other unexpected results: Sete defeats Chaumont at tie break (Chaumont who, in the first round, had played an excellent game by defeating the reigning champions of Tours in 3 sets), Toulouse won in straight sets against Montpellier, Poitiers needed 4 sets for win against Nice, while Tourcoing and Cannes win away, both in straight sets against Ajaccio and Nantes respectively. The picture is closed with the four-set home defeat of Tours against Narbonne, with the defending champions having still zero points in the standings.

In details, another victory for Sete, author of a great comeback after a 0-2 disadvantage against Chaumont runners-up. It was a game of alternating currents, with the guests winning the first two sets without lot of difficults (19:25 and 20:25), always leading the game. However Sete, after a disadvantage of two points (14:16) also in the decisive third set, managed to reopen the game (26:24), and easily win the fourth set 25:16. The hosts are always ahead even in the tie break, which ends at 17:15. Vasyl Tupchii was again the top scorer on the winning side with 24 points (including two kill blocks and an ace) and 47% in attack, and behind him Daryl Bultor, 12 points and 77% in attack, and Arno Van de Velde with 11 points included 4 kill blocks. For Chaumont the 28 points of Marlon Yant Herrera, top scorer of the match (59% in attack, 5 kill blocks and 3 aces), were not enough, while Winkelmuller, scored 21.
After losing to Cannes in Round 1, Toulouse redeemed itself with a good home victory in straight sets against Montpellier, which still remains winless, and with zero points in the standings. After an interminable first set, with guests who were practically always ahead, and closed 37:35, Toulouse had no problems in the next two, winning without too much difficulty (25:21, 25:18). Theo Faure and Pierre Derouillon were the top scorers on the winning side, with 21 and 17 points scored respectively. The block has probably made the difference in this match: 12 of Toulouse, against the 6 of Montpellier.
First victory also for Poitiers: after losing the first set 24:26 against Nice, wasting an advantage of 21:19, and after drawing the accounts by winning the second with the same result, the home team has literally overwhelmed his rivals, 25:19 and 25:14. Neves was undoubtedly the best of the match: 32 points (including two kill blocks and two aces) and an excellent 64% in attack, while Cox scored 20 points for Nice.
Another defeat for Ajaccio: this time at home, against Tourcoing, which on the other hand celebrates the second victory in as many matches. Ronald Jimenez was (once again!) The top scorer on the winning side with 15 points and 54% in attack, followed by David Fiel: 10 points, 1 kill block and 90% in attack! Wassim Ben Tara scored 18 on the other side.
Away victory also for Cannes! After winning at home against Toulouse in four sets, another victory, this time on the Nantes’ field, without even giving the home team a set (22:25, 20:25, 21:25). Kyle Russel top-scored for the winning side with 14 points (including 1 kill block, 50% in attack), followed by Danijel Koncilja with 12 points including 3 kill blocks and an ace, 67% in attack and Oleksiy Klyamar (11 points) . Peter Michalovic was the only player from Nantes to reach a double-digit performance with 17 points and 50% in attack, and behind him the absolute void…..
Close the picture the away victory of Narbonne against the defending champions Tours, who suffer the second defeat in as many games (3: 0 against Chaumont, and 1: 3 against Narbonne). Despite a good match by Nathan Wounembaina, author of 20 points and 60% in attack (including 3 aces and 2 kill blocks), Tours is still winless and without points in the standings. Remi Bassereau was the top scorer on the winning side with 24 points (including 4 aces), followed by Lisandro Zanotti (18 points and 3 aces), while Mousse Gueye made 6 kill blocks, on the 8 total of Narbonne, team that has made 12 aces (!!!) against the 5 of the rivals.
This evening Rennes will host Paris.

Sete-Chaumont 3-2

Toulouse-Montpellier 3-0

Poitiers-Nice 3-1

Ajaccio-Tourcoing 0-3

Nantes-Cannes 0-3

Tours-Narbonne 1-3

16/10: Rennes-Paris 3-0



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