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France: amazing victory of Cannes vs.Tours, Tourcoing first in the standings, wins also for Sete and Nantes in advances of Round 3.

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Last night the first 4 matches of the French Round 3 were played: Sete won in four sets at Nice home, Tourcoing wins against Toulouse and flies to the top of the standings, Cannes wins at tie break against Tours (still winless), while Nantes beats Poitiers 3-1.
In details, Sete won four sets against Nice. After losing the first set, the team coached by the former coach of Nice, Kasic (who returned to a place in which he spent as much as 19 years of his coaching career and from where he went to Sète in the offseason), reacted well by winning the next two sets without lot of problems, to then win even fourth, which was practically balanced until the end, deservedly winning 3 points, despite the absence of the opposite Tupchii, always among the best for his team. Tarasov was the best scorer on the winning side with 25 points, including 4 winning blocks and 2 aces, and 59% in attack, while the setter captain Coric, in Nice last season, scored 10 points! 4 aces and 6 kill blocks.
What a victory for Tourcoing! Third consecutive victory in as many matches, and all three points wins, to fly at the top of the standings with 9 points. Ronald Jimenez was the top scorer for his team with 14 points, while Pierre Derouillon scored 17 points for Toulose.
Amazing battle in Cannes: after 5 sets the home team managed to take its third consecutive victory in as many matches, defeating the reigning champions of Tours! It was a fantastic match for the home fans, with the first 3 sets played all finished with a score of 25:17! On the other hand, for Tours this is the third consecutive defeat, and only its first point in the standings, which last time happened to them more than 20 years ago! Aciobanitei and Klyamar were the best scorers of the winning team with 18 and 17 points respectively, while Koncilja added 4 kill blocks. Tours’ opposite Egleskalns was the top scorer of the match with 23 points, while Wounembaina and Tammemaa added 4 kill blocks each.(CLICK HERE FOR GALLERY OF THE MATCH).
Closes the picture of the advances, a good victory also for Nantes: 3-1 against Poitiers, with a fantastic performance by Peter Michalovic, author of 31 points, of which 30 in attack (!!!) and an ace, and a very good 58% in attack. Curious fact: Poitier, despite the defeat, made 13 kill blocks, against only 3 of the winners!

Nice-Sete 1-3


Tourcoing-Toulouse 3-0


Cannes-Tours 3-2 —GALLERY


Nantes-Poitiers 3-1


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