14 April 2021


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France: Closed Round 6 with Tourcoing and Rennes in the lead. Battle at Ajaccio, defeat for Tours and Nantes.

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Round 6 of the French championship was also completed: Montpellier needed four sets to win away against Nantes, Rennes won against Tours in straight sets while Toulouse won on the Poitiers field with the same result. Home victory for Ajaccio vs. Cannes at tie break, and Tourcoing won at Narbonne’s home in four sets to fly on the top of the standings with Rennes.
In details, despite Michalovic’s 24 points, Nantes have been defeated at home by Montpellier in a fairly balanced match. Excellent blocks performance for the winners: 15 winning blocks (of which 6 made by Kaba), against the 9 of Nantes. With this victory Montpellier rises to 12 points and to the second place in the standings, along with the former leaders Sete (defeated yesterday by Paris), and behind Tourcoing and Rennes (both at 14 points).
Speaking of Rennes, great home victory for them: they defeated Tours in straight sets, practically always leading the game, with the exception of the first set in which the guests made a good comeback after being back 21:16. However, the hosts, now leading the standings, managed to win the partial 25:23, and the next two sets without much difficulty (25:21, 25:20). Rodrigues was the top scorer of the match with 20 points and 68% in attack, while rather disappointing match for the reigning champions, despite the good performance of middleblocker Tammemaa who scored 12 points including 2 winning blocks and an ace, but with 82% in attack.
Victory in straight sets also for Toulouse, away against Poitiers. After a thrilling first set, finished 23:25, but with good comebacks on both sides, the guests won without great difficulty, closing the third set 12:25! Teppan was the only player for the hosts to reach a double digit performance, 11 points, but only with 40% in attack, while Faure was the top scorer for the winners with 19 points.
Almost successful comeback for Cannes in Ajaccio: the guests, after losing the first set 29:27, and being in disadvantage 2:0, managed to make a half comeback, winning also a fourth set uncertain until the end and finished 26:28, led by Russell, author of 30 points and top scorer of the match. However the hosts managed to play at a higher level in the tie break and deservedly win the game. Not even the 14 winning blocks of Cannes (5 signed by Koncilja, author of 19 points in total) were enough. Truhtchev was the top scorer for Ajaccio with 19 points while Miseikis also contributed with 17 and 57% in attack.
The fifth victory in six matches of Tourcoing closes the picture. They now leading the standings with 14 points along with Montpellier, and this time they beat Narbonne away. Jimenez was the top scorer with 18 points for the winners while Kujundzic scored 15 with 81% in attack and Fornes 14 with 80%! Bisset scored 20 on the other side.

Nantes-Montpellier 1-3

Rennes-Tours 3-0

Poitiers-Toulouse 0-3

Ajaccio-Cannes 3-2

Narbonne-Tourcoing 1-3

Already Played:
Sete-Paris 0-3
Nice-Chaumont 2-3


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