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France: great victory for Paris, Tours and Montpellier ok, Toulouse beat Sete.

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The first part of Round 7 of the French championship was played last night. Bad home defeat for Cannes who surrenders 3-1 against Paris, Montpellier momentarily fly on the top of the standings by defeating Chaumont in straight sets, while Tours beats Nice with the same result and Toulouse wins in 4 sets against Sete.
In details, after an amazing start of the season, another defeat for Cannes which, after winning the first set, surrenders in front of a great performance by Paris, and in particular its opposite Overbeeke, author of 31 points (including an ace, a winning block and the last point of the match), with a fantastic 63% in attack. Aciobanitei scored 21 for Cannes. (Photogallery of the match)
With the clear victory over Chaumont in straight sets, Montpellier momentarily climbed to the top of the standings, with 15 points. Behind them are Rennes and Tourcoing, who will face off today on the Tourcoing field. Superb performance by Kaba for the winners: 15 total points (and top scorer of the match) with 1 ace and 5 of the 8 winning blocks of his team, with 9/10 in attack and 90%! Chaumont made only one winning block, and only Winkelmuller reached a double digit performance (12 points).
Victory at home, convincing and without much difficulty, even for Tours, which destroyed Nice in straight sets. Egleskalns was the top scorer of the match with 18 points, while 11 winning block (5 by Cuk) for Nice were not enough to compete with the defending champions. After 7 Rounds, Nice remains at the bottom of the table with 4 points and 6 defeats.
The picture of Toulouse’s victory over Sete closes the picture. After a fantastic first set won by the 28:30 guests, Toulouse had no great difficulty in winning the entire 3-point stakes. Fabre was the top scorer of the match with 29 points, including 5 winning blocks, while Tarasov made 21 for Sete.

Cannes-Paris 1-3

Montpellier-Chaumont 3-0

Tours-Nice 3-0

Toulouse-Sete 3-1

November, 16
Tourcoing-Rennes 1-3
Poitiers-Ajaccio 3-1
Narbonne-Nantes 1-3


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