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France: victory for Ajaccio, Cannes, Tours, Nice and Paris in Round 10

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Yesterday evening, 5 of the 7 matches of Round 10 of Ligue A were played. The defeat streak of Sète is extended to 5, defeated 1-3 at home by Ajaccio who seems to have benefited from the arrival of Miseikis. After 5 consecutive defeats, Cannes instead returned to victory: 3-2 at Poitiers, despite the absence of Koncilja, in the bench for the whole match, recovering from the 1-2 in the set account and from -4 in the 4th set (photogallery of the match).
Unlucky evening also for Nantes, defeated 1-3 against the defending champion Tours, to the fourth consecutive victory after the big difficulties of the beginning of the season. In the other matches, Nice’s home victories (3-0 at Toulouse where Argentine Pereyra’s arrival was rumored, but nothing will be done, due to the good performances of the young Frenchman Faure) and Paris that, with Kadu back in the sextet, beat Tourcoing in straight sets!

Sete-Ajaccio 1-3

Cannes-Poitiers 3-2 –PHOTOGALLERY–

Nice-Toulouse 3-0

Paris-Tourcoing 3-0 (28:26, 26:24, 25:20)
Not Avaible.
Top Scorers: Overbeeke 17, Kreek 14, Barreto Silva “Kadu” 11, Fukuzawa 10; Jimenez 16, Kujundzic 12, Fiel 10.

Nantes-Tours 1-3

To be played:

Rennes 23
Montpellier 21
Tours 19
Tourcoing 18
Paris 16
Toulouse 15
Ajaccio 14
Cannes 13
Chaumont 13
Sète 13
Poitiers 12
Nantes 11
Nice 10
Narbonne 6

Next Round:


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