31 January 2023


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#France: Victory for Chaumont, Rennes and Tours, Montpellier falls in Sete, Cannes blocks Toulouse, Ajaccio back to the victory and Poitiers dream of playoffs

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It was played entirely yesterday evening the Round 19 of the French Ligue A. The leaders Rennes returned to the victory with an easy 3-0 against the last in the standings Nice, to keep one more point on Tours which defeated Nantes with the same result. Nantes thus interrupts its streak of 5 straight wins, and this time Michalovic’s 16 points were not enough (including the only block for his team, against 9 of the winners).
Instead, the distances between the third and fourth place get shorter, with Chaumont recovering 2 points on Montpellier: the team coached by the Italian Prandi defeated Paris in straight sets (photogallery of the match here), despite the 10 team kill blocks against the only 3 of the winners, but with a great performance by the Cuban Yant (17 points, MVP and top scorer of the match). On the other hand, Montpellier was surprisingly defeated at the tiebreak on the Sète’s field, with a difficult evening for Sclater who closed with only 33% in attack.
Two other surprising results were Toulouse’s home defeats against Cannes (in just 3 sets) and Tourcoing’s defeats against Ajaccio (1-3). After a fiery first set, which ended 25:27 for the guests, Cannes managed to quickly close the game with an impressive block performance: 14 kill blocks against the only 3 of Toulouse! Ajaccio instead returns to victory after a negative series, with 12 kill blocks and respectively 16 and 14 points of Miseikis and Truhtchev.
Finally, the 3-1 of Poitiers (24 points of El Graouoi and 4 kill blocks of Zopie) at Narbonne closes the picture, with the winners approaching the play off area: currently they are in ninth place, with the same number of points as Ajaccio, 26.

Chaumont-Paris 3-0 —GALLERY

Poitiers-Narbonne 3-1

Tours-Nantes 3-0

Tourcoing-Ajaccio 1-3

Sete-Montpellier 3-2

Rennes-Nice 3-0

Toulouse-Cannes 0-3


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