31 January 2023


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France: Rennes and Chaumont ko. Tours wins vs. Ajaccio, victory also for Montpellier and Paris.

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French Ligue A Round 18 was completed yesterday: surprise defeat for leaders Rennes who, ahead 2-0 and 21:18 in the third set, failed 5 matches point and in the end it was sensationally refitted by Toulouse.
Among the top, bad evening also for Chaumont, defeated in 3 sets in Narbonne. The 8 kill blocks of Gueye on one side and the 20 point errors granted on the other weigh on the result.
Loot full instead for the reigning champions of Tours, who win in four sets in Ajaccio and back to -1 from the summit.
Montpellier consolidate its third place after beating 3-2 Poitiers and now flying to +5 on Chaumont. The 3-1 home victory of Paris over Sète closes the picture: the team from the capital return to the playoff zone thanks to a great team performance.

Rennes-Toulouse 2-3


Narbonne-Chaumont 3-0


Paris-Sete 3-1


Ajaccio-Tours 1-3


Montpellier-Poitiers 3-2


Already played:
Nice-Tourcoing 3-2
Cannes-Nantes 2-3PHOTOGALLERY



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