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France: Toulouse sweep Tours, Nice beats Cannes with 20 winning blocks, but it is relegated

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The first 2 games of French Ligue A Round 23 were played tonight. Toulouse defeated the leaders of Tours in straight sets by taking advantage of the absences in the team coached by Henno who, waiting for the arrival of Joao Rafael from italian side Sora (expected next week), had to improvise the second opposite Capet as an outside hitter, due to the unavailable Cupkovic (already known) and Wounembaina (last-minute problem?). In the other match Nice defeated surprisingly 3-2 Cannes, but the 2 points are not enough to avoid relegation 3 rounds in advance: in fact Narbonne have 9 points and 4 wins. Interestingly, in this match, Nice made an impressing block performance: 20 winning blocks!

Toulouse – Tours 3-0

Nice – Cannes 3-2

Tomorrow – February 29 – the others:
Poitiers – Nantes
Rennes – Tourcoing
Chaumont – Montpellier
Narbonne – Paris
Ajaccio – Sete


Next Round:

Cover photo: spacer’s Toulouse on Facebook

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