4 February 2023


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Transfers: Lucarelli to Itas Trentino for playoffs if Superlega resume?

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The Brazilian volleyball team EMS Taubaté Funvic confirmed that Ricardo Lucarelli agreed to the transfer to Itas Trentino, Italy.
The rumor is confirmed: the 2016 Rio Olympics winner officially left Taubaté. As the supervisor of the Brazilian team, Ricardo Navajas, said for Globo Esporte, the outside hitter agreed to go to Trentino. Lucarelli must report to the Italian team when they resume activities, which is yet unknown given that a decision of the continuation of the SuperLega is on hold due to coronavirus pandemic. In case of the season restart, he’ll help his new team in the playoffs.

He wanted to go to Europe. He didn’t even want to negotiate to stay. As it was his desire to go to play in Italy, we accepted. He should report there when the crisis ends and the club’s activities resume,” said Navajas, adding that Taubaté haven’t yet started to seek for Lucarelli’s replacement.

The 28-year-old player was one of the idols of the Taubaté fans since 2015 and won several titles with the team including the Paulista Championship, the Brazilian Cup, the Super Cup and, most importantly,the 2018/19 Superliga when he was elected the MVP.


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