27 January 2023


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Italy: Modena can’t guarantee Zaytsev and Anderson contract for 2020/21 season

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The coronavirus pandemic, still going on in the world, will have a huge impact on the financial aspect of the major part of volleyball clubs, including the biggest ones in Italy, but not only.
Catia Pedrini, the President of Italy’s powerhouse Leo Shoes Modena, admitted in a live interview that not only she’ll have to cut players’ contracts for the season that has just prematurely ended, but also to reduce those for the next season.
In short, she isn’t sure if Modena will have the support of sponsors to make a significant budget for the 2020/21 season. Logically, this might result in the departure of the top players, including names like Ivan Zaytsev:

As for Zaytsev, I can only say that I can’t guarantee him the contract for the next year. What if he says ‘If I look around, will you let me go?’ I would reply to him ‘But, of course, I would.”

Another player involved is Matt Anderson, whose departure seems highly possible, and China is a possible option for the continuation of the career of the American outside hitter.


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