31 January 2023


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Transfers Rumors (and not only) from France: the latest news.

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Let’s start with the reigning champions of Tours, who recently hired the Moroccan outside-hitter El Graoui from Poitiers, but who greeted 8 of his players. The outside-hitter Maxime Capet has already settled in Ligue B, while Estonian Middle-Blocker Timo Tammemaa could play in Poland, to Asseco Resovia Rzeszów. The future of the Spanish setter, Angel Trinidad de Haro, could also be in Poland, but in VERVA Warszawa ORLEN Paliwa. Czech outside-hitter Adam Bartoš could continue his career in Nantes (the club, which has just confirmed outside-hitter Noda Blanco, and signed just today with 34-years-old Libero Steve Peironet, from Poitiers), while the latest purchase, the Brazilian João Rafael Ferreira, should go to Poland too, in Aluron Virtu CMC Zawiercie. Market interests? At the moment Bosnian setter Zeljko Ćorić from Sète, and middle-blocker Thiebault Bruckert from Ajaccio …

Market active also for Ajaccio: the outside-hitter Emmanuel Ragondet, who played with the Tunisian club Étoile du Sahel, and the Bosnian setter Rusmir Halilovic from the relegated Nice seem close to be official. They also like the Cuban opposite José Carlos Romero, from the Argentine club Obras San Juan Voley, and the outside-hitters François Rebeyrol from Cannes and Guillaume Quesque from SC Police, Qatar.

As for Cannes, the club is interested in the Brazilian setter Danilo Gelinski from HYPO TIROL AlpenVolleys Haching and the outside-hitter Florian Lacassie, currently in Poitiers.
Middle-blocker Mederic Henry could move from Nantes to Sete, who is also interested in the Argentine equal role, Maximiliano Gauna from UPCN Voley Club.
 Brazilian setter Thiago Veloso could leave Rennes, and return to Brazil, to Sesi São Paulo, and the club could replace him with Slovenian Gregor Ropret from Nantes.
Many rumors also from Paris, interested in the outside-hitters Rémi Bassereau from Narbonne, but also Axel Truhtchev from Ajaccio. An alternative? Serbian Miran Kujundžić from Tourcoing. American middle-blocker Mitchell Stahl, who played in Chaumont last season, may also move to the capital.

Tourcoing is interested in the Portuguese national team outside-hitter Laurenço Martins, who played in Sporting Clube de Portugal, and the setter Rafael Redwitz, from Narbonne (also liked by Nice, relegated to Ligue B). After starting the market by announcing the new diagonal Matias Sanchez-Luan Weber, after promoting Coulet as second setter and after confirming the second opposite Lilembo and the two Iiberos Lemay and Legrand, Tourcoing has also made official today that, in addition to the Colombian opposite Ronald Jimenez, part ways with 9 other players: the setters Pedro Rangel and Nicholas Butler, the middle-blockers Miguel Fornes, David Fiel, Raphael Pascal and Max Chamberlain, and the outside-hitters Gauthier Bonnefoy, Miran Kujundzic and Brandon Koppers.

The Argentine Libero Alexis Ruben González, from Bolívar, would seem close to sign with Montpellier, that recently confirmed the setter Javier Gonzalez, but also otside-hitter Joachim Panou.
Interesting rumors from Narbonne, including the Polish middleblocker Wojciech Sobala from Lublin, the Argentine setter Nicolas Uriarte from Bolívar and German opposite Simon Hirsch, from italian side Tonno Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia
Cuban rumors instead for Chaumont, who seems interested in the middle-blocker Roamy Alonso from italians of Consar Ravenna, but also the outside-hitter Οsniel Melgarejo and the opposite Jesús Herrera Jaime, both from the Argentine club Bolivar.


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