27 January 2023


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Cristian Savani announces his retirement

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Cristian Savani, an Italian volleyball star, has decided to retire at the age of 38.
He has done so much for volleyball in the previous 20 years, playing in the Italian powerhouses and winning so many trophies.

After almost 20 years of a career I’ve decided – it’s time to move on.
I write this post to thank first of all the sport that gave me so many emotions. Thank you, volleyball for giving me all the opportunities.
I thank my wife Mihaela, who has always been close to me through these years and supported me in all the choices I made and she was the one whose shoulder I cried on in the darkest times. A career is a mixture of emotions with which you grow. Thanks to you too Mia, because wherever you’ve been, floating around the world, you have always found a way to make everything a wonderful adventure.
I thank all my coaches, managers, physiotherapists, doctors and all teammates and those players I met on this beautiful journey. You have been part of this.
Now it’s time to use all my experience, all my grit and all my dedication to what will be my second shirt… the second life shirt. The one I will use off the field to realize something I hope still has so much to do with this sport,

he writes on his Facebook account.
Cristian Savani was an European Championship winner with Italy, two times in a row.

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