8 March 2021


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French championships to be played behind closed doors next season?

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It could that volleyball competitions in France next season might be held behind closed doors.
Analyzing the situation in France caused by the COVID-19 including the situation in sports, the country’s Minister of Youth and Sports, Roxana Mărăcineanu, stated for Eurosport that “sport won’t be a priority” after an easing of lockdown measures in the country. She added that “all events that can resume will be, anyway, held behind closed doors or with very strict restrictions.

The reactions of sports workers in France were swift. Among them was the reaction of Yves Bouget, the President of the country’s reigning volleyball champions (also first-placed side at the moment of the cancellation of this season) Tours. He stated that such a decision, of which Mărăcineanu spoke, can devastate volleyball clubs in France.

For volleyball, the economic consequences will be very significant, since we don’t have a model based on television rights, but on the spectators, which brings us revenue and partners…60% of our revenue comes from the private sector. But how do we get a partner to sign if we don’t have spectators or TV? We bear all costs: players, staff, hall rental…, but without any financial income. All the presidents of Ligue A have said to each other: there will be no recovery without spectators,” the president of Tours said for L’Équipe.