3 February 2023


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Final judgment: Volleyball not riskiest sport in terms of coronavirus infection

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Volleyball isn’t the most dangerous sport regarding the risk of contagion with COVID-19 as it initially emerged from a draft of the research of the Polytechnic of Turin.

It seems that there was much fuss about nothing (and there was a lot of it by volleyball players and coaches in Italy and beyond) in regard to the elaborate of over 400 pages.
The final judgment has been changed: volleyball is one of the team sports with a lower risk value of contagion with the new COVID-19. Taking the situation relating to a game as a reference, on a risk scale from 1 to 8, in which the minimum value corresponds to “single outdoor sports” and the maximum value to “gathering and continuous contact”, volleyball stops at the No.5, having nothing to do with sports, such as basketball, which was initially considered safer.

The misunderstanding occurred with the spread of charts (whose subjective data were communicated by the respective sports federations of Italy), which represented the work that hasn’t yet been completed.

Source: sportmediaset.mediaset.it

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