3 February 2023


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France: Kevin Le Roux, the man who saved Rennes!

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Facing great financial difficulties and being on the verge of bankrupcy, the French volleyball side Rennes gained its savior: Kévin Le Roux.

Long-time France National Team member decided to save the country’s one-time Cup winners Rennes, a club which he left a year and a half ago. For several weeks, Rennes has been struggling to avoid disappearance, which seemed inevitable, because of the financial difficulties connected to the coronavirus that created a hole in the club’s budget of € 300,000.
After contacting many players and businesses in the city, the light at end of the tunnel has appeared, personified in their ex-player, who wore their jersey in 2018.
According to information of Ouest-France, a two-time FIVB Volleyball Nations League Best Middle Blocker (last season in Beijing, China) has, with a group of investors that included active players and former players, collected the necessary sum of € 300,000 for the survival of Rennes.

Despite the fact that Le Roux has provided guarantees, the final decision regarding the fate of Rennes will be on DNACG (the financial control body of the national volleyball league).
I was contacted by the managers of Rennes Volley 35 following the possible shut down of the club. I’m well familiar with the club and I couldn’t allow the shutdown of the only professional volleyball club in the Brittany region. I grew up in Saint-Malo and I have a strong desire to give something back to Breton volleyball. I have gathered a group of investors to convince the DNACG of the solidity of the new project and its stay in Ligue A. We’re ready to bring the missing funds in order to save this club with history and give it a new impetus,” Le Roux stated.

I played at Rennes Volley in 2018 and had a great time there. The supporters of Rennes are exceptional, I was touched by their petition to save the club. The tradition is important, and in addition, they have just had the greatest season in their history. If the DNACG gives us the license to play in Ligue A, the solutions will be easily found with the REC (a club that has a dispute with Rennes) to continue all together with the great adventure of professional volleyball in Rennes. This club must continue to live and must become again a large French club in the years to come!

Source: ouest-france.fr, photo: Rennes.maville.com

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