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Vietnam is first country to resume championship…and with spectators!

…finally we have the first official volleyball competition being played after the shutdown of all the activities across the world due to the coronavirus pandemic!
Despite national lockdown restrictions imposed due to the pandemic were eased in most of the countries in late April, allowing social contact and reopening of some sporting activities, volleyball wasn’t among sport disciplines that resumed on an official level unlike football… until a few days ago!


Vietnam kicked off both men’s and women’s championships, that were initially to take place in March but due to the outbreak of the pandemic have been postponed, on June 13. Furthermore, it was kicked off and continued with the presence of spectators on the stands. The 2,000-seat hall in Hà Tĩnh, in which the club of the same name hosted the match against Long An in the men’s competition, was packed. The same trend continued in the following games such as the one between Hà Tĩnh and VLXD Bình Dương.

Of course, the Vietnamese government assessed that the number of cases infected by the COVID-19 no longer presents the risk to the community.


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