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Milano: Japanese star Yuki Ishikawa presented today!

The terrace of Maio Restaurant, on the 7th floor of the iconic Rinascente in Milan, hosted the official presentation press conference of Yuki Ishikawa this morning. Among the other guests, including press and sponsors, present also Powervolley Milano’s president Lucio Fusaro and the head coach, Roberto Piazza. “I am very happy to be here” commented the Japanese outside-hitter. “It will be important to start the season well, both in the league and in the Italian Cup. I still have a great desire to grow and I want to do it in this great team.”

Last year when we faced Padova, his former team, Yuki made four aces in a row. I was in Tokyo and there were billboards with his image to promote the Olympics games. Today we are here not only to present Ishikawa but also to say that we are restarting and we will do it together with Yuki. Playing with open doors? We will do everything to have our fans, but at the moment it is a political problem,” added the president Fusaro.

According to Roberto Piazza, head coach of Milan, “Yuki is a very technical player, who knows how to communicate well with his teammates, with the setter and with the libero on the field“.
The press conference also touched upon other topics, including an initiative promoted by the CSI (Italian sports center) of Milan in collaboration with the Lombardy Region and which also involves Powervolley Milano, that will be staged on October 2. This was told by Massimo Achini, president of the CSI of Milan: the goal is to try to beat a world record, that of consecutive dribbles, which now stands at 151, and enter the Guinness World Record with lot of children, but not only.


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