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Brazil: Sada Cruzeiro down Taubaté in spectacular final lasted three hours and win competition 3rd time in row

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Sada Cruzeiro Vôlei are the winners of the Brazilian Volleyball Cup for the 6th time.
In a sensational game valid for the 2021 Copa Brasil final in Saquarema, They had 2-0 in sets, then EMS Taubaté Funvic leveled, but the Contagem powerhouse took the tie-break and won the trophy for the 6th time in 8 editions of the competition, 3rd time in a row. Partially, it was 25:23, 31/29, 18:25, 27:29, and 15:13.
In the title campaign, Sada Cruzeiro passed through Montes Claros América Vôlei in the quarterfinals and Minas Tênis Clube in the semifinals, prevailing in both matches in straight sets before facing biggest rivals in the country in the last few years, Taubaté. Moreover, they took revenge on the team from the State of São Paulo for losing the Super Cup at the beginning of the season.

| Copa Brasil: Final
| February 13
• EMS Taubaté Funvic – Sada Cruzeiro 2-3 (23:25, 29:31, 25:18, 29:27, 13:15)
Taubaté: Bruno Rezende 3, Mauricio Borges 25, Mauricio Souza 7, Felipe Roque 20, Joao Rafael 4, Lucas Saatkamp 8, Thales Hoss (L); Douglas Souza 16, Joao Franck 0. N.e.: Raphael Vieira De Oliveira, Gabriel Candido, Riad Ribeiro, Bruno Biella, Vitor Yudi (L). Coach: Weber.
Cruzeiro: Fernando Kreling “Cachopa” 1, Facundo Conte 17, Isac Santos 7, Alan Souza 26, Miguel Lopez 14, Otavio Pinto 8, Lucas Deus “Lukinha” (L); Rhendrick Rosa “Resley” 0, Wellinton Oppenkoski 0, Rodrigo Leao Rodriguinho 4, Cledenilson Batista “Pingo” 1. N.e.: Filipe Ferraz, Alvaro Barbosa, Lucas Bauer (L). Coach: Mendez.

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